Wednesday, July 20, 2022


 I have all of my quilt squares cut out and ready to go.  I kind of got way laid last week; I had a special request from my daughter to do some sewing that needed done immediately.  Of course, she comes first.  Now, I thought I would be able to sew this week, but the daycare for my great grandsons is closed for Covid for a couple of days.  My one great grandson is scheduled again for surgery.  So I am going to have to watch them all this week and next to keep the boys healthy.  He was supposed to have surgery last month but when we took him to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, they said he had a fever of 99 degrees and was too congested to do the surgery.  He is always conjested.  Now it was postponed to August 2.  He is just two now and he can hardly breathe because his tonsils and adenoids are so large.  It just is so scary to watch him sleep.  If he tries to breathe through his nose, I think he stops breathing.  I just feel like I have to stay with him every minute to make sure he is breathing.  This started last November and we have been trying to get him help since then.  Sooo, we must keep him well for this next scheduled surgery.  So it will be a slow process on the quilt for a few weeks.

Back to sewing, I will say I am lousy at cutting out fabric for a quilt.  I am particular but when I use the rotary cutter and get to the top of my ruler, it always moves.  I have that plastic on the back of the ruler to help hold it in place, but I just still seem to have trouble.  I did finally figure out something that really helped me.  Now don't laugh but here is the picture.

This helped me tremendously!!  That ruler never moved a spec.  I then took my iron and put it on the bathroom scale and it weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces.  This will now be one of my favorite fabric sewing items and it is just so darn cute.  One thing though is that I sure can't imagine ironing with this iron!!!  Those poor women really worked hard!!

Also here is a picture of my cut out fabric all organized and ready to sew.  I might be able to squeeze in an hour a day in the early morning!!  I hope so!!

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Getting Fabric Ready For Cutting My Way!

 I never skip this first step and that is to serge the two cut seams on the ends of my material. This keeps the fabric from unraveling on the ends.  When that happens you can actually loose alot of fabric to get it cleaned back up.  This is my very old and first serger but it still runs great.  I have learned how to adjust it and I keep it well oiled and it runs perfect.  I only keep white thread in it, so if I need a quick serge, I can use it.  I very rarely change the thread on this serger so it is always ready to use quickly.  I have another Janome serger that I use for all of my regular serging.

I then washed my quilt fabric in cold water with a small amount of detergent.  Now the next step is probably unheard of in this day and age.  I have clothes lines in my basement and a line in the backyard.  I hang my material on the clotheslines to dry.  I use the line outside in the Spring and Summer and the one in the basement in Fall and Winter.  I use the same process for both places.

After the material is dry, I spray both sides of the material still hanging on line,  with StaFlo spray starch by Purex and I usually find this at Walmart.  After spraying it comes out to be a little bit damp and it takes about 10 more minutes to dry.    I make the spray myself.  The recipe is on the bottle, but it is one cup of Staflo to 2 cups of water.  This works really well.  After the material drys from the spray starch, the fabric feels a little stiff and you hardy have to even iron it.  It comes out that nice. I do and it goes quickly because all you do is give it a quick pressing!  I don't have to keep stopping to spray my fabric with starch.  Just a quick pressing and your ready to go!

I hope you will try this process and see how you like it.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Getting Started On The Starlit Dreams Quilt

 I have all of my material now.  I really wanted this to come out looking just like the picture.  So what I did was a sent an email to Shannon Bowie, the designer, and asked her if she would give the names of the fabrics that she used.  She was kind enough to do just that.  Two of the fabrics I found in a Amish Quilt store around my home and the other two I had to order off of Etsy.

The Black fabric is a gingham called Apricot & Ash by Corey Yoder

The center gray fabric is from - Moda -  Sanctuary by 3 Sisters.  It is called Floral Bloom in Zengray

This is actually a full white fabric and it has tiny whike polka dots on it and it is by Quilting Treasures called Quilting llusions - Dots- White on White.

Moda - Sanctuary by Three Sisters Adopt the Pace of Nature

The pictures did not turn out very pretty, the fabrics are all gorgeous.  Now I just have to get everything cut out.  Will be starting to sew soon!

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Maple Cottage Designs


I have fallen in love with this Maple Cottage Design called, Starlit Dreams Quilt Pattern & Pillow!

Now you know I am not a quilter at heart like most of you sewers.  I only quilt when I find something that I just think is darling.  I love this quilt so I bought the pattern.  Now I have to find material and decide what size I want to make.  Do I want it to be a wall hanging so I can look at it everyday or do I want to make another quilt for the bed in our RV fifthwheel.  Then I can trade off with the quilt I made last year.  Or was that two years ago?  Can't remember for sure.  When I get everything together, I will post as I go, again, so you all can see how I do.  I think I will make the pillow also!!!  It just looks so clean and fresh to me!  Let me know if you like it!!  

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Gathering Material for a More Professional Look!

 I just wanted to let you know that I made another you tube video if you are interested in watching.  I am showing you how I gather material for skirts, etc. and making it look more professional.  I can always tell when someone is wearing a homemade garment if they do some gathering.  Most people don't know this tip.  I discovered it for myself many years ago, but I have seen it at other places since.  I think it makes a really big difference.  Please watch and subscribe!  Thank you so much!

Monday, May 23, 2022

 Hello everyone, I have been trying to get back into my sewing room.  It has been finished since about January but I just have not had time to actually sit down and sew until lately.  I finally started to make this top a few weeks ago.  It is Charms Pattern, Hepburn Top.  

  I wanted to practice on it and I found this material at Walmart for $2.00 for 2 yards.  I could not believe the price! I thought it would be perfect to give this pattern a try.  When I brought the material home, I actually loved the fabric and didn't want to just practice on it.  I then decided to just cut up an old sheet to make sure of the fit and use my $2.00 red fabric once I was happy with the fit.

  What I wasn't very happy with was this pattern.  I thought it was kind of hard to follow and my pattern pieces were very washed out and it was hard to tell which lines for cutting out the pattern were the ones to follow.  I don't think I will use her patterns again.  She has a large following and everyone loves her, but it just was not worth my time to figure it out.  Here is the top.  I thought it turned out very nice.


I also wanted to show you the floor in my sewing room now that it is finished.  I know I showed you all the mess that it turned out to be after we pulled up the carpet. I love the way it turned out when finished and I can scoot all over the room!   LOL 

It ended up being such a terrible job and I had sanding dust everywhere in the house.  I had all of my machines covered but I did not cover my thread, oh my, I was so upset with myself when I looked at all of my thread with dust-covered over every spool.  I had my thread hanging on the wall and never gave it a thought.  I ended up having to take it all down and throw the spools into a large garbage bag.  Then when I watched tv, I had to wipe off each spool, and some of them I had to wind down to the next layer and throw some thread away to clean them up. 

 I wanted to make sure they were dust-free because I am sure that would ruin my machine if I got all of that dust into it.  After this was finished, I had to clean the dust in every room of the house.  Even though we were so careful when he sanded, it still traveled everywhere.  

I also did add one additional project to my room that I just love and that is I got my hoops hung up.  This will keep them from warping and they are nice and neat and out of the way.

Thank you for staying with me over the years and I will try to post more often now. My plan is to really get back into sewing.  I miss it terribly, so more will be coming!!

Thursday, November 18, 2021

SewingRoom OverHaul

I guess in my last post, I forgot to tell you that my sewingroom has been unusable since July. When my mother passed away, we had a dumpster which my husband decided to use up as much as possible.  I had carpeting in my sewingroom which I really did not like.  I had mentioned this to my husband on several occasions.  So he decided to rip up the carpeting in my sewingroom and throw it in the available dumpster.  This really was not the best time for this, but I wasn't thinking to clearly and just said that was fine with me.

Now here is the problem.  He had done this is in two other bedrooms and they had lovely hardwood floors underneath the carpet.  It only took a couple of days to get this job accomplished.  Well we were shocked when he ripped up the first piece of carpet.  Underneath was nothing but something that looked like sawdust.  For some reason they glued down the padding to the pretty hardwood floor (who would do this??) and whatever it was that they used disinigrated the padding into a powder.  Now you know my expensive machines are in there and the last thing I need right now is another great big mess and sawdust flying around my machines.  I told you my mother's things that I wanted to keep are still stacked in the dining room and now I have my sewing machines all covered and taken apart in my spare bedrooms.  So I have not sewed since July and I am missing it terribly.  My husband had gone up into the room and he started to hand sand the floor.  My sewing cabinets have all of the tops off of them and I could just imagine how much dust would get into them.  So I had to hurry and grab some sheets and cover them all up.  Then they sat there like that because we had several camping trips scheduled and a three week trip out West in September planned.  No time to work in my room.  When we came home from our three week trip, our camper took quite a beaten going up and down the mountains and there was about seven projects in there that needed attention before we took our last tiny trip and then put the camper away for the winter.  Now we have that finished and gosh it is Thanksgiving already.   He is going to put up the Christmas lights tomorrow and I still have some pretty hugh messes and I just dont feel very Christmasy this year.  Do I really want to drag out all of those decorations on top of the two messes I already have??  No not really!!

Well, I cleaned the kitchen extra good this week and I put some Christmas Fresh Cut Fraiser Fur wax cubes in my little burner hoping that would help!  Guess what, I think it did, I am kind of getting in the mood now!!  I guess I will drag out mess number three and have a Merry Christmas and worry about the rest later!

I will show you a couple of pictures of my sewing room and spare room messes!  He is not satisfied with the floor it still has spots of glue on it.  He rented a big sander from Home Depot and is bringing that home from work today.  He TOLD me that there won't be any dust because the machine will catch it!!  I sure hope he is right!  I am cleaning downstairs and I sure hope I don't have to start over or someone just might get coal in their stocking this year!!  He said he will have it down by Tuesday!!  We will see!!  LOL