Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Moonshine "Hooch" Update!

I wrote in a previous message that I started making this recipe that is suppose to be a natural antibiotic and kills any infections in the body.  We have been doing this for probably about 2 months now.  We each take two tablespoons a day.  A couple of times I would run out and we would have to wait a week or so for the next batch to be ready, so it was a little sporadic.  I wanted to tell you that I really have noticed on myself that the brain fog has lifted.  I can think faster and clearer.  Now for the real test that tells me this works is as follows.  It might be a little gross, but here goes.  My husband has a problem with his toes.  He has a fungus that has been around for 20 years and he has like a build up of skin behind his toe nails and it is hard to trim them.  It never goes away.  Well, NOW IT IS GONE!!!  I am shocked at this.  We have not had any other changes except this anti fungal formula. 
I am not trying to push this, but I just wanted to let you know things are working for us.  It tastes lousy, but I just gulp it all in one sip.  It also can be hot.    If anyone else is trying this, let me know if you see any changes!
I haven't been doing much sewing.  We purchase a travel trailer and it has been taking up all of my free time.  We purchased two of those zero gravity chairs and I did a stupid thing.  We saw them in a lovely beige sunbrella material and I thought they would match the trailer perfectly.  Those are what we purchased.  Well, I am new to the camping experience and on our first trip out, my two new lovely chairs got all muddy.  Why didn't I think about purchasing a color that won't show the dirt.  Then I saw my husband throw them in the back of his truck!!!  He told me this was camping and I was going to have to change my ways!!  I can't, I am making covers to carry them in now.  I have one finished and I need to get some more material to finish the other one.  Is it so wrong to be neat and tidy when you camp?  I am not sure if I will make it!  Anyone else like me????  Well I cleaned up my chairs and I am going to spray them with a material protector and put them in their new carry bags before our next trip out!  I am to old to change my ways now!!!  Wish me happy camping!!  Cynthia

Monday, April 27, 2015

I Feel Like I Am Making MoonShine!

I was looking around on the internet and found this site that had the most powerful natural antibiotic ever-kills any infections in the body.  I decided to take a look at it!

I remember when I was young my dad was always eating horseradish, hot peppers and he even made onion salad.  His famous last words were "Eat that it will clean you out".  Now that I think back, I had no idea what he meant by, it will clean you out, but I ate it anyway.  I certainly wanted to be cleaned out!  Now that I am 62, I understand and that is why this recipe intrigued me.   

Here are the ingredients:  Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
                                          Fresh Ginger
                                          Fresh Horseradish

As I was reading I could hear my dad saying yes, you need to make that.  I read the whole article and there were about 350 comments, some heated arguments, some people saying you are nuts for taking this, others disagreeing and saying how wonderful it is.  This is a very old recipe , so I decided to try it. 

As far as I am concerned, there is nothing in here that you cannot eat.  You mix it up and let it set for two weeks shaking it everyday several times.  Did that, and then we started taking it.  I do have to say it does not taste great.  My husband calls it "Hooch"!  He will yell at me and say "hey we haven't taken our hooch yet!"  Now I will say how much better we are feeling.  My husband came home from work the other day and told me he had a skip in his step today at work!  I got a big laugh at that!  I am not recommending this to anyone.  It is personal preference.  I just made my second batch today.  I did get a little smarter this time.  The first time I cut all of these items crying the whole way.  It took me about an hour to make it.  Then after it sets for two weeks you drain out the vegetables and save the liquid.  This time I thought to my self, why do I have to stand here and chop all of that up?  I cleaned my garlic, cleaned my onion.  Then I hooked up my kitchen aid mixer with the grinder on it and just ground everything up and filled up my jar!  Same difference and this time it took me about 10 minutes to make.  I am sure I am cleaned out now and I feel great!!

Here is the website if you want to read about it and get the recipe.
If anyone decides to try it, let me know how you like it!
P.S. Onion Salad - Slice onions and add salt.  Put in a container and shake it for several minutes.  My dad used two soup bowls.  One on top of the other and then he would shake it.  Then you add a little vinegar and sour cream.  Lets see, oh probably about 1/2 hour and eat.  He loved this!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New Top Doesn't Look Right, What Do You Think?

I saw a cute, very summery, top and purchased it.  It is a very thin see through material, but I thought it would be nice for work.  It would just dress up an outfit and be very cool.  After I got it home and tried it on, it just looked very skimpy on me.
 I felt it needed something even though I liked it.  I decided to add some binding around the edges.  I thought a blue trim to match would be pretty but after I started to sew it, I didn't care for it.  The top has a black background and it just didn't look right.
So then I thought maybe I could add black on top of the blue.  Its fun to be the designer, you can do anything that you want!
Well, I didn't like that either.  As you can see the black was starting to pucker.  I decided to take off the black and blue and start over with just the black. 
 This is how I finished it off and I really like it.  The top looks a little more finished now!  What is your opinion???  Blue, Black or Blue and Black?

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Leftover Scraps Of Silk?? Silk Easter Egg Project

My Aunt Elinor (thank you Auntie El) sent me this website for this project and it is perfect for this time of year and all of us sewers.  We won't even have to run to JoAnn fabrics.  It is only 13 degrees here today, so it would be a good day for me and the grandkids to make some hard boiled eggs!!  These are so cute!!
She Begins By Wrapping An Egg In Silk. The End Result Is Stunningly Beautiful. - Starting with fresh unboiled eggs, Kendra shows a craft that perhaps was done by your great grandmother. She suggests going to a thrift store to find 100% silk scarves or ties. After cutting them into smaller pieces, wrap them in the silk with an outer layer of white fabric twisted together. Next you simply boil the eggs in water with added vinegar for 15 minutes. After cooling, the pattern on the silk transfers the eggs. The results are so beautiful!
Be sure and watch the video, you will be amazed!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Curling Iron Pad

I am so sorry to be gone for so long.  On Christmas Eve, my mother went into the hospital and everything else has been put on hold.  She is doing much better and I finally got around to cleaning good today and doing a little sewing.  I wanted something for my bathroom to set a hot hair straightener or curling iron on when I am using it.  Two of my granddaughters use these tools and who knows where they are set when the door is closed.  I have asked them to put them on a towel or something, but I decided to make a pad just for that purpose.  Now they have no excuses and I won't have any burns on my nice countertop.
After rummaging threw my material, I came across an old curtain that belonged to Tara (daughter #1) that hung in her sons bedroom.  When she moved she no longer planned to use it and I took it home and added it to my many bins of material.  I cut out two squares and one square of Insul~Bright. 
I actually ended up with four layers.  Two printed squares, two unprinted squares and a layer of the Insul~Brite.  I decided to add another layer just so the top layer had more support.  I layered the printed squares with the unprinted squares facing each other.  Then I added the Insul~Brite on top of one of the layers as shown in the picture.
I next sewed around all four sides and left an opening in the middle of one side.  When I do this I will show you how to sew this.   I have noticed that when I am trying to turn a project inside out, it invariably starts to stretch and pull out my stitches.  Here is how I have fixed that.  I sew to where I want to stop for my opening and then I  turn my project and sew off of the seam.  I have never had a problem again with this.
Next, I clipped the Insul~Brite off diagonally at the corners and turned it right side out.
Here is my favorite new sewing tip that I learned from Kenneth King on having great corners.  Take a threaded needle (do not knot your thread) and run the needle through the top of your corner.
Now just pull on the two threads and it will pull that corner our perfectly and when you are satisfied, just pull your needle and thread all the way out.
I then sewed a topstitch along the edges at about 1/2 inch around the pad and it looks very cute in my bathroom.  Way better than a towel bunched up or a wash cloth.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

We Had An Elf Blow In!

Two of my grandchildren were here the other day and they found a present in the fireplace.  We had a little Elf On The Shelf blow in!!  She is so cute and Gisele named her "Bell"!  Poor Bell didn't have any clothes on, so Gisele and I made her a skirt this morning!

Bell seems much happier now!  We hope she goes back to Santa Land and tells Santa that we dressed her!  If you don't understand this post, you must read the book called"  The Elf On The Shelf"!  It explains everything!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving All of You Wonderful Sewing Friends!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My Coat Is Finished! Take A Look!!

Well, it is all finished, every tiny little stitch is done!  It took me, I think a month and a half, but I didn't have much time to work on it.  Just a little here and a little there.  I have a few more pictures to explain a few more details:
I am starting to make a header for my sleeves.  I have heard of a header but really had no idea what it was.  It starts out with a 11 x 3 piece of fabric cut on the bias.
You mark the fabric in thirds and iron down one third.

Then you stretch and curve it with the iron and this is what you end up with.
You hand sew this on the seam line of the top of the sleeve where it attaches to the shoulder and it fills in that area and curves around the bulk and makes the nicest sleeve.

Mr. King has the best technique for sewing in your sleeve.  I have seen sleeves sewn in that have no puckers or dimples and always wondered why I could not get mine to look quite that nice.  Well, now I have the technique.  Take a look at the top of my sleeve.  No puckers what so ever!  I just love this and it hangs so perfect!
I also added this technique which was in last months issue of "Threads".  I attached the lining to the bottom of my coat with this little piece of satin to keep it always in the right position and still giving it a little movement.
I also added the shoulder pads to my jacket following Kenneth King's directions, but after finishing it and trying it on, it made me look like a football player.  I did remove them and I like it much better without them. 
Hee is my finished coat!  I can't wait to wear it!
Do you like it?

Here is the lining!
Thanks everyone for following me!  Let me know what you think?  Cynthia