Thursday, June 13, 2013

French Bread "Yum"!!!

I love to bake, but don't do much of it anymore.  I just look at bread or sweets and I pack on the pounds. Back in the good old days, I use to bake everyday!  I miss it.  I saw a recipe for French Bread and it just looked so good, I just had to try it.    It really turned out great!  I made two loaves and they were gone in a couple of hours.  Of course, I had my two granddaughters here and they helped.  My oldest, Allura, loves bread and I think she was the biggest contributor.    I also put a pork tenderloin in the crockpot with a little BBQ sauce and then shredded the meat, cut up a bowl of fresh fruit and that was our supper.  Here is a picture of how they turned out. 

I used the recipe from this link: 
If you try this recipe, my bread rose much faster that what they called for.  Maybe my kitchen was warmer.  So keep your eye on it.  Also, it browned in the oven faster than the recipe called for, so I just reached in during the baking when I saw that the tops of the loaves were nice and brown and turned the loaves over and left them brown on the bottom too!  They were yummy!!!!!
Let me know if you try this and how yours turned out!  Make sure you soften some real butter to spread on your french bread!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Cuddle Fabric Winners!

The two winners for the "Cuddle" fabric from Shannon Fabrics have been picked by  The two winners are:

Mary Kolb and Debbie Weishaar

Congratulations to you both! 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Turn A Long Sleeve Regular Shirt Into A Short Sleeve Shirt That Now Ties At The Waist!!

Well, like I have told you before, I am always being asked to do the unusual.  It was my daughter April who always had unusual requests and now it is my granddaughter Allura.  She has a shirt that she wants me to remove the sleeves and change it from a shirt that just hangs down to a shirt she can tie in front.  Also could I have it done yesterday???

Well here is how I accomplished this.  The shirt is an Ambercrombie cotton shirt.  First, I was going to open up the sleeve area to remove the sleeve.
Then I decided to just cut off the sleeve and leave around 1/2" to try and hem to the inside of the shirt.  This would be a real time saver. 
Now I folded in the cut seam twice to the inside of the shirt and pinned it in place.  I also remove as much of the hard serged edge where it meets the seam line under the arm.  I did not want to add all of that bulk.
Here I pinned it in place.

I then just did a whip stitch after folding this to the inside of the shirt.  You would never be able to tell this shirt use to have sleeves!  So simple!
Now to tackle the tie part of the shirt.  I remember these well.  This was a "70's" thing and I wore these all the time.  I was telling my granddaughter what will be next.  Cullotes, Bell Bottoms, Poor Boys, Hip Huggers!  Do you remember any of these?  O.K. back to sewing, I had her try on the shirt and I marked it at her waist in the back.  I cut just the back about 1/2" below this line.  Then I folded the two sides of the shirt together and cut it in sort of a semi-circle down to the button down placket front of the shirt. I left about 1/2" also from the side edge of the placket.
Here is what I cut off.  You can see the back is straight and the sides are curved.
Now I used my 4mm rolled hem foot and hemmed around the bottom edge of my cut shirt.  This 1/2" was just enough to have the hem meet the placket and look like it was always made like this.
Well its all finished and as you can see it put a big smile on Allura's face and she said: Mamo, I want to learn how to do these kinds of things!  Now that put a big smile on my face!!!!



Monday, May 20, 2013

Camouflage Painted Jeans

My 12 year old granddaughter, Allura, watched a video on you tube on how to make a pair of pants into camouflage material.  Later, we watched American Idol and saw that Jennifer Hudson also had a pair just like them on.  The next day we just had to make a run to JoAnn fabrics for some fabric paint. 

She drew all of the camouflage sections onto her jeans with chalk out of her sisters chalk box and then she started painting.  We bought brown, black, and white fabric paint.  I just left her run amuck, even though I was itching to get my fingers in there.  You can see how she drew in her sections and she is painting.   She worked for two hours and mixed colors to make gray and light brown.

After they dry for four hours you iron them with a pressing cloth to set the paint and they are finished!!  She was so excited to wear them and show them off.  She only painted the front of the pants, this seems to be the style!  She did a great job and plans to where them to a school lawnfate on Friday!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Cutest Baby Bow Blanket Contest!!

Good Morning Everyone,

If you liked my "Cutest Baby Bow Blanket" video and would like to win the "Cuddle" fabric  by Shannon Fabrics to make one, I am having a contest!  Just leave me a comment and join or be a member of my blog.  There will be two winners to receive all the fabric needed to make this blanket graciously given by Shannon Fabrics.  Winner must be in contiguous US only.  Two winners will be picked by  on May 24, 2013

Good Luck!!  If you missed the blanket post, you can click below:

Friday, May 3, 2013

Cutest Baby Bow Blanket!!

I created a new video called "Cutest Baby Bow Blanket!  I teamed up with Shannon Fabrics.  They sent me the fabric and I created a pattern and tested their fabric called "Cuddle."

I loved the fabric.  It is so, so soft and cuddly, I see why they named it that.  I have added the link to the video and the directions.  Enjoy!!

Here is also the link for the directions -

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Granddaughter and Hello Kitty Tie Blanket!!

One of my youngest granddaughters has a project due Friday!  She has to show how to make something for Show and Tell.  We bought a Hello Kitty tie blanket!  She worked all day on this and was so particular.  She cut out the ties and if the knot on the blanket was a little low, I had to take it apart so she could retie it!  Even towards the end she started to untie them herself to fix her mistakes.  She did a great job and she left one untied to show her class how to do it!  I hope she still remembers by Friday!!  This is the one that I "think" is going to take after her Mamo!!  Not sure about the others yet, but my other two younger granddaughters also like to do crafts!  I wish they lived closer to me!