Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Video On Hair Bows for Pony Tails Out of Jeans Material

Jeans Pony Tail Elastics

CynSew Sewing

Please watch video at:

Cut your material 6" wide by 17" in length.  Cut 2 if you are making two pony tail holders.
Draw two lines down the center of your material 2 1/2 inches from each side the full length.  Next, draw lines every 3/4 inch up to the center lines.  Do this on both sides of the fabric. 
Place both panels of material together and using a basting stitch, stitch down both center lines.  Now cut around the perimeter of your material with pinking shears.
Cut up each 3/4" marking to the center line.  Now you can remove your basting stitches and both panels are ready to sew.
Wrap this material around a elastic band, ( I use "Goody") and put a zipper foot (center position) on your sewing machine.  If you have a needle down option on your sewing machine, please engage.
Now sew the material around the elastic band.  Take your time and straighten out each section as you go.  I usually pull the elastic at the top and bottom as I sew.  This creates a straight line for your material to wrap around the elastic and it is easier to line up and sew. Over lap the ends a tiny bit and back stitch to finish.  For the jeans, you can leave as is, or wash and dry for the fuzzy look.  For regular material, I do not recommend you wash.  Just leave with the pinking shear edge.
Do not sew through the elastic or to close.  Just close enough so the elastic has room to move freely through the material. 
Author - Cynthia Dickerson 



Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Grandkids All Back In School!

Well it is time for another school year!  Gosh that was a fast summer!!  Here is a picture of 4 of Tara and Luke's children.  They started last week!  They are just sooo precious!!

Here is my youngest baby, he is four and just the apple of Grandma's eye!!  You can see why!  He goes to preschool a couple of days a week. He is Tara and Luke's, youngest.  Tara started me blogging.  She has a very helpful blog some of you may belong to.  It is  She started this about five years ago to help young familys living on a limited income with lots of children.  She teaches how to save money with coupons and how to shop for every item you buy!
My last two grandchildren started back this morning.  They are April's,  my youngest daughter's children.  Here is their picture!  These two, my husband and I have watched every evening since they were born.  We are more like parents instead of grandparents.  They go to catholic school, so they are in their uniforms.  I just love them "ALL" sooo much!  I thank God everyday for my seven little angels!!
The oldest doesn't really wear glasses.  These are called nerd glasses and she has just about every color of the rainbow.  I tried to get her to take them off for the picture, but no way!!  In my day, you didn't want to be a nerd!  How things change!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Cute Idea To Dress Up A Childs Room!!

My youngest daughter and I had made these dresser drawer handle little decorations.  They are made out of washers that you purchase at the hardware store.  As I told you in other posts, we changed her girls room to "Hello Kitty" so we also had to make new washers.

You can paint these washers anyway you would like.  You could add flowers or designs to them and get really creative.  They look so cute on the dresser.  It just really turns it into a little girls, or boys dresser.  Here is a picture of the ones we removed.  All you do is unscrew your dresser drawer knob and place the washer behind it and screw the knob back on.  It does not damage the dresser in anyway.  So  you can change them out anytime, like we did.  I would make one recommendation, and that would be to remove one knob and take it with you to the hardware store so you can get a large enough washer to show when the knob is added back on the dresser.

Author - Cynthia Dickerson

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Top Finished With Many Alterations!!

I finally got my new top made.  If you have been following my blog, then you know I was having an issue with a full bust and my small shoulders.  I fixed this problem by adding a small dart and removing the excess material abouve the bust line.  Then, I took that dart and moved it to the proper placement along the bust line and now my top fits through that area very nice.  After finishing with this problem, I cut out my material to sew my new top.

When you try to sew from a muslin fitted bodice, they tell you to fit the bodice and then to transfer your markings to your paper pattern.  Well, I just used more muslin and fitted that and just marked my adjustments to the muslin.  I will just save that muslin as my pattern.  Here in this picture you can see that I cut out my material with my muslin.

Always when I sew my shoulder seams together I add a little piece of stabilizer to that section.  I feel like it is a very small area to carry all the weight of the top and that is one place that I do not want any stretch.   I ironed this seam to the front because I added a dart to the back shoulder seam.  This makes the bulk of the seam more even.

I always press my darts on my ham.  I found this wonderful old ham at an old second hand store.  I was so excited when I saw it for $1.00.  When I went to pay for it, three woman who worked there asked me what it was.  What a find it was for me!!

When I put my top on my duck tape dummy, it was really big in the back.  It was all one piece, so I decided to spilt it down the middle and add a zipper.  I also had to take in some of the excess at the waist by adding darts and I also added darts at the neckline.  The reason this was so large was because there was no zipper in the pattern.  You had to just pull the top on over your head.  After I put in the zipper, then I could take out some of that extra material, because it just makes me look heavy and with the added zipper, I will be able to get it on.   You can see my adjustments in the following picture.
Now that the back was finished I worked on the front.  The pattern had a large pleat down the center front of the top.  I didn't care for that after I made it either.  I thought it just made the top look homemade.  I played around with it, and decided to take that pleat and fold over the sides and sew it down.  Now it looked better.  Here is a picture.

I sewed down the little pleats I added to the front placket.  All that was left was using my Cover Pro machine, I cut bias strips and added the trim around the armholes and neckline, hemmed it and it was finished. 

These pictures just don't do this top justice.  The color is such a deep, deep red and I am happy with the way it turned out.
Author - Cynthia Dickerson

Monday, August 20, 2012

Janome CoverPro Machine "What The Inside Looks Like"

I decided to open up my Cover Pro machine because I was having some problems when first starting to sew.  When I would push on the floor pedal, I would have to manually take my hand and turn the hand wheel to get the machine to start sewing.  It has done this ever since I bought it. 

I opened up the machine and could feel the tightness when I turned the hand wheel.  I marked the two places that I oiled and immediately felt the machine loosen up when I continued to turn the handwheel.  I marked those special spots.  I also oiled a few other spots, but I am not a Janome repair person, so I will not recommend this to anyone else.  I usually oil where metal rubs against metal.  I also oil along any bars that slide up and down.  After I finshed and closed the machine back up, she now purrs.  When I push the pedal, she starts immediately.  I would say that yes our Janome Cover Pros also need some oil!!  You can click on the picture for an enlargement.  If you need any help, just let me know!
Author - Cynthia Dickerson

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pretty Fabric Mouse Pads You Can Make!!

This is a really cute idea from J and O Fabrics.  They also have some pretty fabrics, so I included their website.

Mouse pads are an essential part of most workdays, so why not jazz them up a bit? This simple no sew mouse pad tutorial will have your mouse looking cute in a flash! Begin by choosing a beautiful print.

You will need:
• An old, cheap or free mouse pad in need of a makeover
• Fabric of your choice
• Scissors (Use pinking shears to avoid fraying. You can also slightly glue the edges of the fabric to achieve this)
• Decoupage glue, fabric adhesive or Mod Podge

What to do:
• Remove any plastic coating on existing mouse pad
• Trace the shape of the mouse pad onto your fabric
Pro-tip: Add a corkboard backing for a no slip pad with a vintage feel!
• Place some cardboard or newspaper beneath this project prior to the gluing process…a mouse pad should be mobile rather than stuck to your table.
• Evenly and lightly coat mouse pad with adhesive and gently place fabric over it
• Trim excess fabric
• Allow to dry!

That is all! Now your workspace reflects your fabulous side.

Choose a color that warms up your workspace

Who knew a mousepad could be so cute?

You can also opt to change the shape of the pad

Friday, August 10, 2012

Draping A Fitted Bodice and Having It Fit Perfectly!!!!

I found this fabulous video on how to drape a fitted bodice. After all these years of sewing, I have finally figured out my one problem of fitting a garment to myself. I created my duck tape dummy with the help of my husband years ago. I have my shape, but I can never get the bodice to fit exact. It is fine for a knit or drapey material, but If I want something a little more fitted then I run into problems.

I watched this video and followed it exact. Now mine didn't come out quite as neat as hers, but I tried it on and it fit perfectly. I was so excited!! We can always learn from someone else. What I needed is an extra dart to take out some fullness. Now I will be able to use this top and make this adjustment for every pattern I want to sew and " I think" this will correct my problem.

Here are some pictures of my drape fitting. You will see that I had to add a dart just above the bust line. I am very small through the shoulders and then I go into a "C" cup bust. I always have extra material just above the bust line and you can see into the sides of my clothes. No More!!

I have been wanting to sew the "Sorbetto Tank Top" that I told you about several months ago. They offered this as a free pattern back then. I tried to fit this pattern and I could tell before I even started that I was going to have this gapping problem. I didn't want to ruin my $60.00 material, so I did not cut it out yet. I am sooo glad. Now I will be able to make this adjustment and hopefully it will fit perfectly. I am going to be working on this if you would like to follow along.

Now if you would like to watch this fabulous video from a famous designer named, Angie Dartnell, you can view it at:

Author - Cynthia Dickerson