Monday, August 20, 2012

Janome CoverPro Machine "What The Inside Looks Like"

I decided to open up my Cover Pro machine because I was having some problems when first starting to sew.  When I would push on the floor pedal, I would have to manually take my hand and turn the hand wheel to get the machine to start sewing.  It has done this ever since I bought it. 

I opened up the machine and could feel the tightness when I turned the hand wheel.  I marked the two places that I oiled and immediately felt the machine loosen up when I continued to turn the handwheel.  I marked those special spots.  I also oiled a few other spots, but I am not a Janome repair person, so I will not recommend this to anyone else.  I usually oil where metal rubs against metal.  I also oil along any bars that slide up and down.  After I finshed and closed the machine back up, she now purrs.  When I push the pedal, she starts immediately.  I would say that yes our Janome Cover Pros also need some oil!!  You can click on the picture for an enlargement.  If you need any help, just let me know!
Author - Cynthia Dickerson

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pretty Fabric Mouse Pads You Can Make!!

This is a really cute idea from J and O Fabrics.  They also have some pretty fabrics, so I included their website.

Mouse pads are an essential part of most workdays, so why not jazz them up a bit? This simple no sew mouse pad tutorial will have your mouse looking cute in a flash! Begin by choosing a beautiful print.

You will need:
• An old, cheap or free mouse pad in need of a makeover
• Fabric of your choice
• Scissors (Use pinking shears to avoid fraying. You can also slightly glue the edges of the fabric to achieve this)
• Decoupage glue, fabric adhesive or Mod Podge

What to do:
• Remove any plastic coating on existing mouse pad
• Trace the shape of the mouse pad onto your fabric
Pro-tip: Add a corkboard backing for a no slip pad with a vintage feel!
• Place some cardboard or newspaper beneath this project prior to the gluing process…a mouse pad should be mobile rather than stuck to your table.
• Evenly and lightly coat mouse pad with adhesive and gently place fabric over it
• Trim excess fabric
• Allow to dry!

That is all! Now your workspace reflects your fabulous side.

Choose a color that warms up your workspace

Who knew a mousepad could be so cute?

You can also opt to change the shape of the pad

Friday, August 10, 2012

Draping A Fitted Bodice and Having It Fit Perfectly!!!!

I found this fabulous video on how to drape a fitted bodice. After all these years of sewing, I have finally figured out my one problem of fitting a garment to myself. I created my duck tape dummy with the help of my husband years ago. I have my shape, but I can never get the bodice to fit exact. It is fine for a knit or drapey material, but If I want something a little more fitted then I run into problems.

I watched this video and followed it exact. Now mine didn't come out quite as neat as hers, but I tried it on and it fit perfectly. I was so excited!! We can always learn from someone else. What I needed is an extra dart to take out some fullness. Now I will be able to use this top and make this adjustment for every pattern I want to sew and " I think" this will correct my problem.

Here are some pictures of my drape fitting. You will see that I had to add a dart just above the bust line. I am very small through the shoulders and then I go into a "C" cup bust. I always have extra material just above the bust line and you can see into the sides of my clothes. No More!!

I have been wanting to sew the "Sorbetto Tank Top" that I told you about several months ago. They offered this as a free pattern back then. I tried to fit this pattern and I could tell before I even started that I was going to have this gapping problem. I didn't want to ruin my $60.00 material, so I did not cut it out yet. I am sooo glad. Now I will be able to make this adjustment and hopefully it will fit perfectly. I am going to be working on this if you would like to follow along.

Now if you would like to watch this fabulous video from a famous designer named, Angie Dartnell, you can view it at:

Author - Cynthia Dickerson

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Free Novel To Read!!

If you like to read, you can get this book free today from Amazon.  You can download it to a kindle or your computer to read.  The reason I am telling you this is because the author works with my husband and is from our home town of Mansfield, Ohio.  Now, I haven't read it yet, but this is, I think, his fifth book published.  I am going to read it!  You need to have a Kindle or you can click on the "Free Kindle Apps" and it will download to your computer. 

Summer Harvest

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Staining Extension Cords and PVC Pipes!!

I saw this article this morning. You can stain extension cords or PVC pipe. If you would like the directions, please visit the following website.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Free Pattern For Boys Appliqued Shorts!

Aidan's Appliqued Shorts

I saw this free pattern on this morning.  I have a link on the right hand side of my blog and that is where I saw it if anyone would like the pattern.  Looks nice for a beginner!

Ivory Soap Fun Clouds!!!

I watched a couple of my granddaughters yesterday and I saw this project on the internet. It was so much fun! You take a bar of Ivory soap (and only Ivory will work), and place it in your microwave for about 1 minute and 30 seconds on parchment or wax paper. Turn off your turntable.  I layed parchment paper covering the whole bottom of my microwave. Put your soap towards the back of the microwave to start. The fresher the soap the bigger the cloud, so we went to the store and bought some fresh bars!

After about 10 seconds you can see it start to grow and grow and grow! We were all fascinated! It comes out looking like a big fluffy cloud!

This was one bar of soap! It drys hard, but if you touch it, it sort of disintegrates to a dusty powder. If you try this, clean or sweep up your mess before you wipe it up because it will be soap and harder to clean up when wet.

We then broke up our clouds into a bowl and added a little water to it and it became sort of gooey and messy and the girls got out my cookie cutters and filled them with the soap.

Now they will have their own little bars of home made soap to take into the tub with them. We have stars, hearts, ice cream cones, and even an owl!! My older granddaughter helped for a few minutes, but she is 11 and would rather be playing video games! I am glad that I have one that still likes to play with Grandma!!

We had to let the soap set in the cookie cutters for a day and they should be ready to come out of their molds today!

Author - Cynthia Dickerson