Thursday, June 28, 2012

Make a "Mug Rug"

Hi Everyone,

I haven't sewn for so long, I thought maybe I would not remember how!  I saw something really cute this morning and I needed a small gift for a friend, so I just whipped one up.  It is called a "Mug Rug"!  They are just sooo cute!

It is like a mini rug for your favorite cup of coffee to sit on.  A little larger than a coaster, so you could add a little treat also.

I will give you the link to go get the pattern. It is an embroidery design and I added her name to it.  I made mine out of home decor fabric and used in-sulbright for the interfacing.  In-sulbrite is what you use to make potholders.  This way she can be sure that the heat will not go throught the mug rug. 

If you want the pattern, you will have to hurry, it is only free until Sunday!

Thank You Sealed With A Stitch For The Pattern!

Monday, May 14, 2012

How I Am Cleaning The Couch After The Fire!

My daughter April's, couch had soot all over it, so I am trying to clean it up.  I took all the cushions off of the couch and am washing them by hand.  The bottom cushions had zippers in the back, so I unzipped them and removed them and put them in the washing machine.  I filled the washer with water and then I washed them by hand in the washing machine.  I was then able to drain the water out and I spun it on light just enough to remove most of the water and then put them on the line to dry.  They came out beautifully! Then I just put them back on the cushions and zipped them up.

Now the pillows, which this couch has 11, is taking more work.  I had to take out the stitching where the stuffing had been added.  I pulled out all of the stuffing and had washed the pillow cover and line dryed it.  Then I restuffed, but the stuffing looked lumpy in the pillow.  This looked awful, I wasn't quite sure what to do next, so I started to pull the stuffing apart into teeny, tiny pieces.  Here is a picture of the stuffing volume before I pulled it apart and then after I pulled it apart.

After doing the whole basket full this way and restuffing the pillow, it made such a lofty difference.  Her pillows were starting to look tired and flat.  Now they look just like when she bought the couch.  The pillow is fat and full.  It took a little more work, but was well worth it.  The pillow is now about twice the size it was and no more lumps.  Here are pictures, I hope you can see the difference.

I learned something in this experience and thought maybe someone might want to spring clean their couch also!  Try these tips!
Author - Cynthia Dickerson

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Grandaughter Caused A Kitchen Fire!

My granddaughter wanted some mozzarella Sticks.  My daughter told her O.K. to get out the oil and the mozzarella sticks and she would make them.  Well my granddaughter thought she would help.  She is 11 years old.  She poured some oil in the pan and turned the stove on high and walked away.  My daughter did not know that she did this.  Next thing they knew the stove and cupboard above were on fire. 

Allura told me that her mom shoved her.  I said what do you mean that she shoved you and she said I was trying to put on my shoes and she shoved me out the door.  She was serious, she really thought her mom shoved her for starting the fire.  I told Allura she was shoving you out the door to save your life.  That fire could of just exploded.

My daughter did a dumb thing also, she grabbed the kids pictures off the wall as she was running out the door.  I asked her why would you do such a dumb thing and she said she just could not bare losing the kids baby pictures.  It was pouring down rain and one of the neighbors that she doesn't even know has her pictures. 

The fire department were there very quickly and It turned out not being as bad as it could of been, but the smoke damage is awful.  This happened Monday evening and I went over yesterday morning and there was soot everywhere.  On the walls and ceilings on the sheets in the bedrooms, light fixtures, window blinds.  Oh what a mess, it is going to take a while to clean this mess up.  She is a single parent with two children, so she can't afford to pay to have the work done.

When it rains it pours, she lost her car last week also.  She had a fairly nice car and it was in great shape.  It started to miss a little bit so she took it into the shop to be looked at.  When they started to put the car up on the rack, they brought the car right back down and told her not to put any money into that car.  They said the frame had totally rusted out and it was unsafe to drive.  We took it to someone that welded frames and he verified this also and said it was to far gone to repair.  Who would think to look at a frame when you buy a car?  Well someone sold it to her in this dangerous condition knowing she had two children.  What is wrong with people today, they only care about themselves!  I also put a picture of the car here, so you remember when you buy a new car to have someone check out the frame.

Here are a couple of pictures of the fire.  Just please say a prayer that we get this mess cleaned up and we get her back on her feet.  Maybe some of you remember, Allura was the one her broke her hand last year in the bicycle accident.

This is my granddaughters sheet on her bed, way back in the bedroom, that is how far this soot travels in just a very short time.  This is like little bits of grease everywhere.

I will keep you posted on our clean up process.  We just kind of sat around in a daise in the morning, but by afternoon, we kicked it into gear and started cleaning!  We will get it back in order!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

How A Sewing Machine Works!

Have you ever wondered how your sewing machine works?  This was a really interesting video showing how the thread is picked up from the bobbin and it makes a stitch.  It might help you understand your sewing machine a little bit better.

I have been working outside and as soon as I get things under control, I will start sewing again!!  Soon, I hope, I am missing it!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why Should You Get Your Sewing Machine Cleaned?

I have been taking lessons for quite some time now on sewing machine repair.  I have decided to open a small repair shop in my home for cleanings and repairs.  My first jobs have been on my own machines and those of family and friends.  My what I have learned!!!  If anyone in my area needs sewing machine  repair work done, please contact me.  It will be treated like my very own machine!!

I have also been very particular on my machines, who works on them, and who uses them.  They are just like my babies and only get the very best of care.  Now, I know they will since they will be serviced by me.  I am very particular and know just how I want my sewing machines to run.  There was a lot to learn about cleaning, oiling, lubing, and tensions.  I have also learned how to set timings and do many repairs.  Most sewing machines are made so well, that repairs are usually minor unless it is a computer part.  I wanted to show you some pictures of my Janome 10,000.  It has never been serviced like I serviced it. I just love anything mechanical and have always liked getting my hands dirty!!

The first picture shows some fuss way down inside the machine after I removed the embroidery part of the machine.  The second picture just shows dirt and grime that has collected.  It sure looks like a lot of dirt to me.  I bet my service man never cleaned in here.  Men don't clean like women do!!!!

Here is the dirt that I found in it.  It had three straight pins in it, I swear I can't believe they were mine!!  I am just so careful, but they were in there.  I removed the embroidery section of the machine and really got down into the mechanics of the machine.  It sure runs quiet and smooth now!!  She is purring like a kitten!!

Author - Cynthia Dickerson

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Digitized Model A Embroidery Design!

 My little nephew, Carson  and his daddy love Model A's.  Every year I make him a new t-shirt to wear with a Model A embroidered design on it.  This year they bought a new Model A, so I thought I would surprise them with a new design.  I digitized this myself, so I am sure he will be very excited.  Now he will have a t-shirt to match which ever car he is riding in.  He is only 4 but he loves those cars.  I was sick this weekend with a bad cold, so I worked on the design and sewed it out for the first time yesterday.  It looks pretty good, the only change I will make is I am going to use a darker outline stitch.  I don't usually let anyone know that I can do digitizing because everyone will want a picture done.  This takes many hours and much practice to get this accomplished.  I have probably worked about 8 hours on this design to get it to look this good. 

 I will show you the picture that I used to create the design and then the design sewed out.  It really is cuter than the picture!   Let me know what you think!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quick Easter Treats For Kids!!

My oldest granddaughter was going to girl scouts and it was her turn to bring the treat. Sooo, she tells grandma that she wants brownies with powdered sugar on top. My youngest daughter isn't big on baking, so it is always grandma who gets the job. I tried to talk her into some cupcakes, but no, she had her mind made up on brownies. I just thought it would be so much easier and less hassle to do the cupcakes. Then I got a bright idea that maybe I could make cupcake brownies. I have never seen them before but thought, I bet it would work. I ran to Kroger's and bought a brownie mix and got a package of Easter cupcake paper holders and they came with little toothpick Easter bunnies and Easter eggs for decoration. I whipped up my brownie mix and there was actually a recipe on the side of the box for cupcake holders. Where has this been all of my life!! I baked the brownies and added three jelly beans to the hot cupcakes and stuck in the tooth pick decorations and sprinkled them with powdered sugar. They were so easy and just came out really cute. If you need a quick treat for Easter try this, it was a big hit!