Monday, December 5, 2011

3D Star Paper Wreath

Here is another Christmas decoration that you can make!  Isn't it cute!!  You could decorate your whole house this way.  This would be really cute going up  a stair banister!!  Oh if I only had more time and didn't have to clean, cook, and babysit!!!

For directions visit:

Thank you "Little Birdie Secrets"

Friday, December 2, 2011

Recycled Christmas Cards

I was just reading about this article and thought it was so cute!!  I probably would not do cards for everyone this way, but it would be fun to make something special for my favorite people on my list!!

This would also be a great starter project for kids, they could get very creative and learn to turn corners and things!!  If you want to read the article please go to:

Thank you Mixed Molly!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Serger Ribbon !

As I was putting up a small tree, I pulled out my decorations.  I thought I would show you how you can make really cheap ribbon. 

I purchased stripe material.  It is red with gold stripes.  I cut it in strips and did a rolled hem along the edges.  For the garland, I just did the rolled hem along the edges, but for the bow, I added some thin wire as I did the rolled hem edge. Now the bow can be shaped!   Get out your sergers and play.  You can make ribbon for presents and anywhere you need a bow.  Don't forget you can use this technique for any material, such as birthday gifts, or other holidays.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Decorations Are Being Hung With Care!!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Mine was lovely, and we are still picking at the leftovers!  My husband has been taking turkey sandwiches in his lunch this week and hopefully it will be gone soon.  I don't really care for turkey, so one tiny piece on Thanksgiving day will last me for a year!!

I have started my Christmas decorations and the outside is decorated.  Here is a picture of an old sleigh that belonged to my husband’s father.  I just love it!  The picture does not really do it justice.  My husband puts a spotlight on it at night and it is just beautiful!!

 My youngest daughter stopped over yesterday.  I had all my inside decorations out and ready to be hung.  She said, mom, your house is a mess!!  I said, well, I am trying to put up my Christmas decorations!  Her reply was "Why do you put up so many"?  I had to stop and think for an answer for that and I guess it is because, I like it that way!!  It is a lot of work, but I love it when it is finished.  My daughter is not like me at all.  She puts up a tree in her house and she is decorated.  I decorate just about every room!  It is funny how she can be my daughter and be so different.  She has two children and the 11 year old is just like her, she really could care less if there are any decorations.  Then the 5 year old is just like me.  She wants to take my decorations home to decorate her house.   She loves to decorate!  I have two little gingerbread dolls who sing and sort of sway back and forth.  We had to stop and play with them.  I was the girl doll who she named Jolly Girl and she was the boy doll who she named Gingerbread! 

The dolls helped with the decorations.  I know just how to play with her because she has the same imagination that I had as a little girl. We have lots of fun!    It takes me about three days to get all of my decorations up, so I am on day two today.  I guess I had better get at it!!  Maybe I will have some more pictures tomorrow!  I hope you like to see how I decorate, and if anyone has any pictures they would like me to post, I would be happy to do that!  I just love to see what everyone else does also.  That is how we get our ideas!  So send me some pictures!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Angry Birds

All I have been hearing about and seeing in the stores is the Angry Birds, toys, games and such.  I saw this game for sale if anyone is looking for it.  I hear it is sooo much fun and I picked it up for my grandchildren!  It is on sale also, just click below.  Thanks, Cindy

Monday, November 21, 2011

Noodles are Made!!

Well I got my noodles made.  I use my kitchenaid mixer most of the time.  It takes a little bit of trial and error, but it works great once you get the hang of it.  Here are some pictures of my noodles hanging to dry.  I made two batches and ended up with about 3 pounds of noodles. You can see my make shift noodle dryer rack.  It is a long stick covered with aluminum foil and set up on tomato juice cans.  Finally, here is the finished product.  I always get a sense of accomplishment when I am finished knowing that I made it with my own two little hands!!

I am really missing my sewing, it seems like months since I sat down and sewed.  I did get my sewingroom cleaned up, so if I ever have a free minute, it is ready to go.  It really needed it!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Preparations Have Started!!

I am a big crazy holiday person!!  All of my grandkids will be coming this year, so I am getting some activities together to keep them entertained.  I have seven grandchildren, ages, 3, 5, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10.  I think I have that right.  I will be cooking for 14 people.  I always have to get started early.  I like to have lots of fun things for the kids to do after dinner, so I have started on that today.  I checked out websites on the internet to find projects, games and color pages.  I found three cute projects and some Thanksgiving crossword puzzles.  There were some picture puzzles for the young kids and harder ones for the older kids.  I found a cute word search for the older kids also.  I will have to pick up a few things for the kids projects at the store this week and I always buy an abundance of crayola crayons when they are on sale before school starts.  Everyone gets their own box of crayons so there is no fighting!!!  I have also decided to try some  "Bingo"  this year.  I think all of the kids are old enough and even great grandma can play that also!  I will have to pick up some prizes and make sure that everyone wins!!

I am going to get my table set this weekend.  This is a big job and I like to fuss over it!  Everyone will have a place card and I just love to set a pretty table.  So if I do it this weekend, I can play with it for a while.  I bet you are all going, WHAT??  Already??  Is she crazy? Well yes, what I will do after I have it set, is throw clean sheets over the tables to keep dust off of the dishes.  I will also get my grocery shopping done.  Everything will be ready to go by Monday.  I have done a heavy cleaning this week, so I think if I just give everyone the "evil eye",  we can keep it straightened enough to just go over the tops of things on Wednesday.  I make the dinner by myself, so I have a system that works for me.  On Monday I make homemade noodles for my husband, and on Tuesday, I will start some of my food.  I can make my pie crust and my pumpkin pie filling and just refrigerate it separately until Thursday morning.  This works great!  On Tuesday I will make my cranberry salad, get my Turkey starting to defrost.   On Wednesday, I will make my broth from the giblets and start the dressing.  I will put my bread in the oven to dry out and I cut up all the celery, onion, etc. and put in the refrigerator. I even have a great recipe for mashed potatoes that I make the day before.  I didn't believe that these would be good when a friend gave me the recipe, but I knew she was a great cook.  I took her word for it, and have used the recipe ever since.  It is nice not to have to mash potatoes when you are trying to carve the turkey and make gravy.   Everything is ready to be mixed together on Thursday morning!  I can make a couple of vegetable casseroles also on Wednesday.  I have used this schedule for years.  I have a written time table of when each item needs to go into the oven or start cooking on the stove.  By 1:00pm, it will all come together and we will eat our Thanksgiving feast!! 

On Friday, I will collapse!!  Just kidding!!  If I don't have time to write another note, everyone have a Very Blessed Thanksgiving!!!!  Cindy