Sewing Room and Machines

I am just a Janome girl!  I love Janome sewing equipment.  I researched them many years ago, when I was purchasing my first embroidery machine.  I traveled to all the sewing shops in probably a 60-mile radius to see what was available.  This was going to be a very large purchase for me and I wanted the most for my money.  I knew it was going to have to last me for a long time.  When I first saw the Janome 9000 sew out a design, I was in heaven.  No other brand of machine could compare to the way it sewed and no other machine has the simplicity of centering a design like Janome does.  Sooo, I am sticking to the brand and I have never been sorry.  Here are some pictures of my machines and my sewing room.  My husband redone it for me a couple of years ago.  He put in the cabinets and lowered all of my machines so I would be sewing on a flat surface.  He is a really good husband, I just ask and he says how do you want it! 

I do not have a stash, so I am different from most ladies.  I just cannot go into a sewing shop and buy material without something in mind to use it for.  I wait until I have a project and then I hit the shops to find the right material.  I also do not have any "UFO's" lying around.  It makes me mad when something I am sewing is not coming out right.  Then I go into a frenzy to fix it, because I just have to finish it!!  I cannot sleep at night until I know how I am going to fix the problem.  Anyone out there like me?