A Little Bit About Me!

When I was very small, I did not even know what sewing was.  I made doll clothes for my Barbie dolls, but I used tape to hold the sides together.  I made houses for my dolls out of cardboard boxes and embellished with curtains and furniture all made with tape, material, and any item I could find laying around the house.  My mother tells the story that I was fascinated with a distant Aunt who knitted and watched her for hours.  I asked my mother that evening if I could get some sticks and fuss so I could knit also!

I have been sewing for many years.  It all started out in Home Ec. in the eighth grade and I haven't stopped since. I even ran the sewing machine needle right through my finger.  The poor teacher was as shook up as I was, she didn't know which way to turn the hand wheel to remove the needle, but she made me sit right back down and sew.   I have never taken any lessons, my mother never sewed, so I have been on my own for many years.  It has been a learning process of self taught knowledge.  My first love is garment sewing and then followed by quilting.  I have three girls and none of them have any interest to follow in my footsteps.  They can't even sew on a button.  I never forced it on them because they had no interest.  They are all grown now and have a pile of mending waiting for me when I visit each of them.  I also have seven grandchildren who think Grandma can make anything and they call me and ask for it.  I do my best to with hold that honor!!  I taught lessons for several years, but now I just sew for family and myself.  I am hoping to have a granddaughter that might have an interest and I "think" two of them could be prospects.  Yeah!!!!  We will see!!