Thursday, September 8, 2022

Step Seven and the StarLit Dreams Quilt

  Sorry, I haven't been posting last month because I am having trouble with my blog because they are changing things around.  Hopefully, this is fixed now.  The first square I did it your way and ironed all of my seams to one side.  I had a lot of bulk where the gray square met the half square triangle.  So, I stopped doing this and did my good seamstress way of ironing open the seams and this really did reduce the bulk.  I would at least do this where you are going to have many seams coming together.  Never in all the years I have sewn have I ever been told to iron seams your way.  I know you butt your seams together, but I think I can match better with my seams open. 

This will just have to be my preference and every one can do it their way.  I have a lot of these to make and it takes longer than I thought it would.  I have another post ready, so it will be coming along soon in a day or two!