Thursday, August 11, 2022

Squares Are Finished!

 I finished up the squares this morning and pressed them.  

After checking with the ruler, what I did notice is that some of the squares are not exactly square.  I  also wish I would of made the 2 1/2" white squares for the triangles and little bit larger when I cut them out. This way after I sewed them to the gray squares, I could trim them down a little bit more accurately.


Some are almost perfect and some are off a little bit.  I don't suppose it will show and I really can't correct that now.  What I learned is maybe as I sew the white triangles to the squares, I could stop and measure to make sure things are accurate and not wait until they are totally finished.  Since I cut everything out by hand, I am sure they will never come out totally perfect.  I think I can correct any mistakes as I sew them to the next pieces if needed.  

As you can see, I got out my Alto Fabric Cutter.  Does anyone still use one of these or are they obsolete?  I thought I could just trim them evenly with this but I will have to dig out the video and watch it again because I don't remember how to exactly set it up.  It was pretty expensive and I should not just let it set there unused in the box.

Also if you are new to the blog, I did not realize that my link to join was removed.  I have replaced it now, so if you want to join the blog and follow along, I just need your name and email address!  Thank you!

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Great Grandbaby Home From Hospital

 I thought I would just give you a quick update.  You know I watch my little one and two year old great grandbabies several days a week.  I know this child, the one who just turned two.  I have explained to doctors since last November what the problem is with him.  They act like I and my granddaughter are crazy and really could care less.  They would say let’s just put him on an antibiotic.  I know that it is not good to always be on an antibiotic, so finally I said no more.  We went to Akron Children's hospital and got no help and then we went to Nationwide Children's Hospital and met his doctor.   Finally, one doctor took an interest and he knew what was going on with him.  He can't breathe, his nose runs continually 24 hours a day, thick flem. We had to follow him all day long and wipe his nose, or it, not to be gross,  goes into his mouth.  You wipe it, he turns around, and it’s there again.  When he would sleep, he would stop breathing, then gasp, and take a breath.  I never left his side when he would sleep here.  His oxygen level would drop and my granddaughter had to get a machine for the house to keep an eye on him.  Then this doctor took over and set him up to remove his adenoids and tonsils.  We took him down and he went into surgery.  After about 20 minutes into the surgery, we get a call from the nurse saying the doctor wants to talk with us.  My heart dropped to my toes.  I thought why would he call during surgery unless something was really wrong.  It was ok though, he wanted to put tubes in his ears also because they were full of water and the right one had a big glob of infection that he said has been there for a long time.  The surgery went well but the doctor said his adenoids were so large it totally blocked off his nasal passage and he could not breathe through his nose at all.  This is why his nose would run out so bad because it could not pass down his throat.  He said he would have a lot of swelling and still would not be able to breathe for about another two weeks.  Then we went back to his room and everyone came rushing in and said his oxygen level is very low and he can’t breathe right and he needs to be watched.  I told them this is how he breathes normally.  Then they came in and said they were putting him into intensive care to be watched.  So we moved up there.  As soon as we got into the room, this respiratory doctor, a woman, comes in and our baby’s nose is running down into his mouth and she just glares at us and said you brought this child for surgery when he has such a bad cold.  Well this really, REALLY. upset me.  I said, he doesn’t have a cold.  I have watched him every day to keep him well for the surgery.  She says he has a bad respiratory infection.  I said, if he has a bad respiratory infection, then he has had it for the last nine months. This is just how he lives.  She starts calling for tubes and starts shoving them down the babies throat while he is screaming bloody murder.  I was pacing the floor back and forth and trying so hard not to grab her hands to stop.  I know she probably thought she was doing the right thing, but I am so tired of no one ever believing us on how this child has lived.  Then she flips him over and starts beating him on the back she says to break up his congestion. This poor babies little eyes are just begging us to make it stop.  Now they bring in an x-ray machine and take a picture.  The respiratory doctor leaves and a nurse come in and tells us his lungs are totally clear.  The respirator doctor never came in again!  Gee, I wonder why!    His oxygen level is still very low, but by the next day he started to feel better and his oxygen is coming back up.  Thankfully.  this doctor was so wonderful, he told us exactly what to expect.  He said you will not see any change in his breathing.  He says the adenoids are out but the swelling is so bad, we have to wait for that to go down and then this poor little guy is going to have the best night’s sleep he has ever had in his little life. He said his nose will stop running, because it will be able to finally drain down his throat naturally. It’s been a week now and every day, I can see such improvement.  I only wiped his nose twice yesterday and he actually slept for his nap and he no longer gasps for air.  I am so happy!   Yesterday he was eating fritos, so I know his throat is getting better.  One more week and all this should be part of the past!  Thank you God for helping our baby and for our wonderful doctor!!