Thursday, July 28, 2022

A Little Bit Of Quilting Finished

 Well I started sewing the squares at a diagonal seam.  I had a real problem trying to get a scant seam stitch.  I must of practiced about 10 times to get it right.  The only way I knew it was correct was when I folder over the diagonal piecing it fit the square exactly.  I must have a lot of positions on my sewing machine because I kept adjusting down a number at a time and it took so many adjustments to get it correct.

Here are the numbers that I am using.  3.5 needle position and 1.50 stitch length.

I sewed the diagonal pieces to both sides of my 4 1/2" square and then I trimmed them down to 1/4" seam allowance.  I had all of these little pieces left over and I was just going to throw them away and then I felt guilty.  So I sewed them all together making tiny square triangles.  Thinking some day I might be able to use them.  It only took me about 10 minutes.  I just fed them in one right after another.  I am not going to cut them apart until I decide to use them.  Maybe I will sew them into the back of the quilt somewhere as a little bit of design.

I do want to say that I have never quilted with this scant seam.  I see now why it is important to get it correct when making these diamond shaped blocks.  One thing I discovered is to be very careful of how you are sewing them.  You can't sew one in this direction and then how ever you grab your next one, sew in maybe flipping it over and sewing it from the back side which you would think would not matter.  Well it does because that scant seam needs to be on the left side of the seam so when you fold it over it fits.

When you sew with the scant stitch and you must make sure you line up your drawn seam line. Make sure you follow the line.  Do not look at your needle when you are sewing because your needle is not sewing on the line that you had drawn.  This kind of was throwing me off.  I thought, oh my, I am not even sewing on the line and you won't be.  You want to follow again the line you drew.  You can see in the picture that when I have my drawn line where I want it you will notice the needle is not in the same position.  it will be sewing away from that line to give you the scant seam.  If you don't understand this just let me know.  I hope the pictures make it clear.
Look where my line is and where my needle is. Follow the line.  Normally you would think your needle needs to be on that line but with the scant seam it won't.  This tiny bit of room allows the fold of the fabric to meet correctly to make your square.