Wednesday, July 20, 2022


 I have all of my quilt squares cut out and ready to go.  I kind of got way laid last week; I had a special request from my daughter to do some sewing that needed done immediately.  Of course, she comes first.  Now, I thought I would be able to sew this week, but the daycare for my great grandsons is closed for Covid for a couple of days.  My one great grandson is scheduled again for surgery.  So I am going to have to watch them all this week and next to keep the boys healthy.  He was supposed to have surgery last month but when we took him to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, they said he had a fever of 99 degrees and was too congested to do the surgery.  He is always conjested.  Now it was postponed to August 2.  He is just two now and he can hardly breathe because his tonsils and adenoids are so large.  It just is so scary to watch him sleep.  If he tries to breathe through his nose, I think he stops breathing.  I just feel like I have to stay with him every minute to make sure he is breathing.  This started last November and we have been trying to get him help since then.  Sooo, we must keep him well for this next scheduled surgery.  So it will be a slow process on the quilt for a few weeks.

Back to sewing, I will say I am lousy at cutting out fabric for a quilt.  I am particular but when I use the rotary cutter and get to the top of my ruler, it always moves.  I have that plastic on the back of the ruler to help hold it in place, but I just still seem to have trouble.  I did finally figure out something that really helped me.  Now don't laugh but here is the picture.

This helped me tremendously!!  That ruler never moved a spec.  I then took my iron and put it on the bathroom scale and it weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces.  This will now be one of my favorite fabric sewing items and it is just so darn cute.  One thing though is that I sure can't imagine ironing with this iron!!!  Those poor women really worked hard!!

Also here is a picture of my cut out fabric all organized and ready to sew.  I might be able to squeeze in an hour a day in the early morning!!  I hope so!!