Thursday, August 11, 2022

Squares Are Finished!

 I finished up the squares this morning and pressed them.  

After checking with the ruler, what I did notice is that some of the squares are not exactly square.  I  also wish I would of made the 2 1/2" white squares for the triangles and little bit larger when I cut them out. This way after I sewed them to the gray squares, I could trim them down a little bit more accurately.


Some are almost perfect and some are off a little bit.  I don't suppose it will show and I really can't correct that now.  What I learned is maybe as I sew the white triangles to the squares, I could stop and measure to make sure things are accurate and not wait until they are totally finished.  Since I cut everything out by hand, I am sure they will never come out totally perfect.  I think I can correct any mistakes as I sew them to the next pieces if needed.  

As you can see, I got out my Alto Fabric Cutter.  Does anyone still use one of these or are they obsolete?  I thought I could just trim them evenly with this but I will have to dig out the video and watch it again because I don't remember how to exactly set it up.  It was pretty expensive and I should not just let it set there unused in the box.

Also if you are new to the blog, I did not realize that my link to join was removed.  I have replaced it now, so if you want to join the blog and follow along, I just need your name and email address!  Thank you!

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