Saturday, July 9, 2022

Getting Fabric Ready For Cutting My Way!

 I never skip this first step and that is to serge the two cut seams on the ends of my material. This keeps the fabric from unraveling on the ends.  When that happens you can actually loose alot of fabric to get it cleaned back up.  This is my very old and first serger but it still runs great.  I have learned how to adjust it and I keep it well oiled and it runs perfect.  I only keep white thread in it, so if I need a quick serge, I can use it.  I very rarely change the thread on this serger so it is always ready to use quickly.  I have another Janome serger that I use for all of my regular serging.

I then washed my quilt fabric in cold water with a small amount of detergent.  Now the next step is probably unheard of in this day and age.  I have clothes lines in my basement and a line in the backyard.  I hang my material on the clotheslines to dry.  I use the line outside in the Spring and Summer and the one in the basement in Fall and Winter.  I use the same process for both places.

After the material is dry, I spray both sides of the material still hanging on line,  with StaFlo spray starch by Purex and I usually find this at Walmart.  After spraying it comes out to be a little bit damp and it takes about 10 more minutes to dry.    I make the spray myself.  The recipe is on the bottle, but it is one cup of Staflo to 2 cups of water.  This works really well.  After the material drys from the spray starch, the fabric feels a little stiff and you hardy have to even iron it.  It comes out that nice. I do and it goes quickly because all you do is give it a quick pressing!  I don't have to keep stopping to spray my fabric with starch.  Just a quick pressing and your ready to go!

I hope you will try this process and see how you like it.  

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