Thursday, November 18, 2021

SewingRoom OverHaul

I guess in my last post, I forgot to tell you that my sewingroom has been unusable since July. When my mother passed away, we had a dumpster which my husband decided to use up as much as possible.  I had carpeting in my sewingroom which I really did not like.  I had mentioned this to my husband on several occasions.  So he decided to rip up the carpeting in my sewingroom and throw it in the available dumpster.  This really was not the best time for this, but I wasn't thinking to clearly and just said that was fine with me.

Now here is the problem.  He had done this is in two other bedrooms and they had lovely hardwood floors underneath the carpet.  It only took a couple of days to get this job accomplished.  Well we were shocked when he ripped up the first piece of carpet.  Underneath was nothing but something that looked like sawdust.  For some reason they glued down the padding to the pretty hardwood floor (who would do this??) and whatever it was that they used disinigrated the padding into a powder.  Now you know my expensive machines are in there and the last thing I need right now is another great big mess and sawdust flying around my machines.  I told you my mother's things that I wanted to keep are still stacked in the dining room and now I have my sewing machines all covered and taken apart in my spare bedrooms.  So I have not sewed since July and I am missing it terribly.  My husband had gone up into the room and he started to hand sand the floor.  My sewing cabinets have all of the tops off of them and I could just imagine how much dust would get into them.  So I had to hurry and grab some sheets and cover them all up.  Then they sat there like that because we had several camping trips scheduled and a three week trip out West in September planned.  No time to work in my room.  When we came home from our three week trip, our camper took quite a beaten going up and down the mountains and there was about seven projects in there that needed attention before we took our last tiny trip and then put the camper away for the winter.  Now we have that finished and gosh it is Thanksgiving already.   He is going to put up the Christmas lights tomorrow and I still have some pretty hugh messes and I just dont feel very Christmasy this year.  Do I really want to drag out all of those decorations on top of the two messes I already have??  No not really!!

Well, I cleaned the kitchen extra good this week and I put some Christmas Fresh Cut Fraiser Fur wax cubes in my little burner hoping that would help!  Guess what, I think it did, I am kind of getting in the mood now!!  I guess I will drag out mess number three and have a Merry Christmas and worry about the rest later!

I will show you a couple of pictures of my sewing room and spare room messes!  He is not satisfied with the floor it still has spots of glue on it.  He rented a big sander from Home Depot and is bringing that home from work today.  He TOLD me that there won't be any dust because the machine will catch it!!  I sure hope he is right!  I am cleaning downstairs and I sure hope I don't have to start over or someone just might get coal in their stocking this year!!  He said he will have it down by Tuesday!!  We will see!!  LOL