Thursday, November 11, 2021


Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well.  So sorry I have not posted for a while.  It has been a bad summer for me.  My mother passed away in April and it was a hard time, plus we had so much to get rid of and try to sell and clean up.  We are finally past that but now my dining room looks like a cyclone went through it.  I have all the things that I wanted to keep in there and no place to store them.  My mom wore lots of jewelry, which I do not, so I have all of that and not really sure how to handle it.  I also have a hugh box of pictures that I just can't bare getting rid of.  If anyone has any tips on what to do with the jewelry, I would sure appreciate it!

I have two couches in my familyroom that are in desperate need of replacing.  Everywhere I checked, there was a year of waiting.  Oh my oh my!!  I did finally find a set that I liked at Furniture Row and purchased those.  My husband tore my old couches apart for me, because you just would not believe what you might find in a couch that you would want to save.  I made a video, so if you would like to watch it, I attached the link for you.