Sunday, March 28, 2021


 I did get all of my strips sewn together.  It wasn't hard, just my eyes would cross while watching to make sure I was catching both sides with the zigzag stitch but it turned out nice and I love the colors!

Next, I decided to do a different type of  pocket.  This  is going  to be a big  bag and I wanted  something
that would zip closed so nothing will fall out.  I needed something large enough for two phones, our keys, and probably sunscreen and a hairbrush.  I decided to make a separate hook for the keys so they are not moving around and scratching the screens on the phones.  Here is what I came up with. 

This  is a  zippered  bag with  netting  and the hook  on the  left side will  be for our  keys to keep  them safe.  At first I thought I would just hand stitch the pocket and I got about half way finished and decided I didn't like the way it looked.  I didn't want to stitch it because it would show on the back of the bag.   I then thought I may as well try it and see how it looks.  I sewed it with the aqua thread and you could not even see it but I sewed the  zipper with  black thread and  it looked awful.  So I ripped it out  and put the nylon thread  just  in  the bobbin and  believe it or not, it sewed  out just fine  and you cannot see it at all now.

Last for now, I had to do a running stitch on the top and bottom edges with some heavy thread and pull them in for several inches and now it looks like a boat.  

Should have it finished soon!