Friday, February 5, 2021

Stadium Seats For School

 We are tired of sitting on those oh so rough bleacher seats every time we go to one of our grandchildren's sport games.  I am sure you know what I mean.  So we started looking around for those stadium chairs with a back in it for comfort.  We found a set of chairs at Meijer's,  They zipped at the top so I assumed that I could remove the cloth and embroider our name on them.  I took some pictures but they have dissappeared.  I think I accidentally deleted them before I downloaded them.

When I got home I unzipped the zippers but there was no way to get the material off of the frame.  This must of been so they could put them together because everything is rivoted together so it can't be taken apart.  I so wanted to put our names on the back of them.

I decided to digitize and embroider our names on some black felt.  I then cut around the felt and made a hem around all four sides and then I hand sewed them to the back of the chairs.  This was kind of hard because the chairs had to sit in my lap and I had to sew them on this way.   I sewed them on a large pocket so the back with my hand sewing does not show.  I am sure I looked kind of crazy, but I think they still came out cute.  I do have a picture of the finished project!

I just ordered some more flannel for our new baby that will be coming in May!   It's  time to start getting ready!  It is going to be another boy and his name will be JaCobe!  I will then have a JaQuan and a JaCobe!  We just helped to move them to a different apartment.  They use to live on the third floor and she didn't have a washer or dryer.  I think that is going to be a must with two babies!  So now she is on the first floor and she is looking for a used washer and dryer.  Hopefully she will have this by May!!  Stay safe and stay warm!!!  It is going to be around 14 below in Ohio on Monday!  At least this is what I heard on the news!