Wednesday, April 7, 2021


 I got my handles finished and I designed them a little bit different than the directions.  I two toned the handles by sewing the black and colored fabric together.  The directions are for the handle to be in just one color.  I also made them a little bit longer.  It fits better under my arm this way.  

You take two lengths of batting for a heavier handle and two lengths of the material and stack the two materials facing each other on top of the batting.  Sew around the edges leaving an opening and then turn right side out. 

This turning is a little tricky if you have never done it before.  The directions did not explain this step, I assume there are you tube videos on this.  I will try and explain it, the ends of the handle are sewn all the way around including the ends leaving a opening on one of the sides.  Then you try and push in on a end while grabbing just one layer of material.  Then you push the ruler in and as you push the ruler you gather up the handle and then push it out the opening that you left and it turns everything right side out.  This is not a good explanation.  Sorry, just look for a video this is hard to explain.  If you make this and need a video, I will make you one.

You then top stitch around the handle a couple of times and it is finished.  You feed it through the opening you made at the top of the bag and then gather up the handle as far as you want it to be gathered and tie the two ends together.  Then sew down the opening where you fed in the handle to hold the gathers in place and the bag is finished!

My finished Hobo Bag, but this will be my beach bag.  I chose these colors because I have three bathing suits each a different size.  You know how it is, smaller, medium and 10 pounds to much.  One is, black, one is blue and the other is aqua.  This bag will now go with any suit that I wear!!  I love the bag!!

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