Sunday, April 4, 2021


A few more steps on the bag.  After you gather the edges of the bag, you need to sew across the edges to hold the gathers in this position.  The batting that I used was the Warm & Natural Needled Cotton Batting which is one of my favorites.  I was able to sew across all of the gathers, but  it is getting harder now because this causes a lot of thickness.  I did draw a line across the top so I would sew straight.  I just used a magic marker because I needed something to see well and I knew this was not going to show.

I ran a double line because before you sew, you are suppose to trim your line evenly.  Well this creates a problem because after you trim the edges, you have to be very careful because your zigzag stitches start to come apart.  If I make another bag, I would try to trim my strips before I sew them together and try to be able to skip this step. When you trim this you are cutting off all of your tie off stitches and the zigzag stitch pulls apart very easy.  You have to be very careful.

Now comes the binding for the tops of the bag where the handle will go through.  This is just suppose to be a straight piece of just material, but I thought it would be to flimsy since I was making the biggest bag so I added a layer of batting to that also and I added a strip of fabric down the center to add a little accent.  I then added diagonal stitches all the way across this binding and I really liked this better but it is not necessary this is just my touch to the bag.

Then I sewed this to the edge of the bag.  Now I did have some trouble with sewing this.  I think it was because I added one more layer of batting.  It now was hard to fit under the presser foot.  I sewed it on the back of the bag first with my machine but I broke a couple of needles and had to go very slow. Then when I brought it around to the front I just felt I would not be able to get it top stitched as neatly as I would want it so I decided just to sew this down by hand.  I used a heavy weight thread and just used a over cast stitch and it doesn't show and it is very sturdy.

I gave these a good steam pressing, which doesn't show here because I took the picture first and they turned out very nice.  Now you sew up the sides of the bag and make box corners.  Usually when you make a box corner there is a seam at the bottom of your bag to tell if you have things straight.  This bag just folds in half so I folded the bag in half and then took the edge of a sliver of soap and drew a line to show the center of the bottom of the bag.  Then on the front of the bag I stuck a pin in on the seam to line up the back and front together so I new everything was even. 

You then sew a diagonal line on the edge of the bag to make the bag sit up and fold this edge to the inside of the bag.  I gave it a couple of tack down stitches by hand to hold it in place.

I have one of the handles made and as soon as I get the second one finished, I will have the bag finished and post the final pictures.  I just love it!!!

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