Wednesday, December 16, 2020


 Well I can't believe my granddaughter is pregnant again and already 4 1/2 months pregnant.  She is due May 23 and baby Quan will be one on May 30.  This means next year that these two children will be the same age for a week or two and not be twins!  She is really going to have her hands full because baby Quan is a very loving baby and not happy if  mama isn't holding him!  Poor little fella is going to be in for a rude awakening when the new baby comes along!! LOL   She finds out this week what she is having already.  

I made Quan a baby snow suit.  My granddaughter and I could not find any really cute material for a boy online or at JoAnn fabrics.  Then I was in Wal-Mart and saw this really cute blanket and I thought I could make it out of this blanket.    It is a very dark navy blue and I would say it is a velour material with a Sherpa lining.  Well after I got it home I realized that there was a top velour and then a bottom Sherpa but they were not connected.  When I saw the grooves in the material I assumed the two materials were attached.  So I had to do some quilting first to attach the two materials together.  I just did the center of the three lines, but on the hat and gloves, I  sewed all three lines for more definition.  Now the pictures really don't do it justice.

This was definitely some difficult sewing because this was some very thick and luxurious material.  I could not make any mistakes because I sewed with a 5.0 stitch which was the largest stitch on my machine and I still would have never been able to pick anything out if I sewed a seam incorrectly. 

I sewed the snow suit and she wanted a tassel on top of the hat but when I tried to make one out of the material, it just ripped apart.  I found some yarn that matched and made a pom pom out of that.  She hasn’t seen the suit yet, so if she doesn’t like this, I can just quickly remove it.  The first problem I had was the Sherpa just scattered everywhere when I cut it.  So I cut each pattern piece out as I needed it and took it right to the serger and serged the edges around the entire piece before I sewed it to the suit.  I could not mark any of the special markings added to the pattern because nothing would show up on the material, I had to get out thread and a needle and sew in each notation so I could have my markings.  I had the most trouble with the zipper.   I had to purchase a 28” coat zipper and then you trim it to size.  After I had it sewn in place, it had some ruff edges and I did not want it to scratch or be uncomfortable for the baby. I then sewed some extra material over the edges so you could not feel the ruff edge.  It took a lot longer to make with all the extra steps but it it sure came out cute.  I even had enough material left over for a blanket that she can carry so she can cover his face when she  is

out in the cold.  She is going to love it!!  Let me know what you think, please!!

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