Thursday, July 23, 2020

Make My Own Panties?? Why? I Will Tell You!

I never thought I would ever be making panties or even talking about it.  Now I will tell you why I am!  Because I love them.  If you ever put on a pair that was exactly your size and really fit your curves you would love them too.  They are not hard to make and once you have your pattern they go together very quickly.

I used Beverly Johnson’s Pattern in BluPrint called:  Sewing Panties Construction and Fit!  It is a video and she guides you each step of the way to get the perfect fit.  You take a few measurements and draw out your pattern. The first pair I made was not quite long enough in the back end but she tells how to fit that and then I made my second pair.  I loved the first pair, but the second pair??  That was sheer heaven.  I just don’t want to wear anything else.  Now I am making my fourth pair and I don’t think I will ever purchase any panties again.  They are just so comfortable and the material just makes them very luxurious.   She also shows how to dress them up with lace and cutouts and things but I like them just in a stretch satiny material.  Your clothes just slip on so easy and practically close and snap themselves.  You should give this a try.

Here is the link:    (As usual no connections, just showing what I love)

She teaches how to make the enclosed gusset  (white part of the panty) which is way easier than it looks!

My finished pair!
My other two finished pairs!

There is one thing that I changed.  If you look closely at the black and red pair you can see part of the white elastic in the legs and waistband.  I didn't like this and actually, I could feel that elastic.  Now on my last pair, I added just enough to the pattern to roll that elastic twice so it is totally enclosed and this looks much more professional.  You can see the difference if you look at the pink pair.  You just might want to give this a try.  You will never jerk on your panties again!