Tuesday, July 7, 2020


Have you been watching all of the new sewing videos that are on every day since Covid-19 started?  I watch Janome every day and I have learned many things that I did not know about my Janome 15,000.  I just think these videos are great.  I have also seen some for many other brands of machines.  I watched a video on free motion quilting and then you made a bag.  Well, the bag wasn't a problem, but you all know I am not an expert quilter.  This was a great lesson for me and maybe some of you out there would want to try this.  I purchased the Janome quilting templates quite a while ago and never really knew how to use them and this video showed me how.  They also had the directions for the Westalee quilting templates and you could use either set in the directions.  Here is the bag that I made.  I actually made it larger than the directions so I could have a bag for my i-pad when we go camping.  The videos and lessons are all free.  If you are interested in making this bag, I have included the link for the video.  If you enlarge the bag you can see the free motion embroidery on the front of the bag.  The back of the bag is free motion quilted also.

A special thank you to Donelle Bradford McAdams for a wonderful video!!

I should have added this information yesterday.  Thank you Pru for your note!  If you want the Janome videos, they add a new one every day at 3:00pm M-F live.  Also, all of the back videos are always listed so if you are not available at this time you can tune in at your convenience to watch.    You will have to go to your Facebook page and search for "Janome Sewing Room"  or/both "Janome Class Room.  Join these two groups and you will find videos for most of the Janome machines then listed under videos.  Not always are the new ones for the 15,000, but most of them apply to a big group of different machines so they are very useful.  I have the timer set on my phone for 3:00 and if I am not busy I always watch the new video coming out.  They are really great!!  I bet if you join groups for the other companies selling their sewing machines you would find that they are doing videos also.  I have seen many of them but I don't know what they are listed under so I would just search for Bernina or Phaff or whatever you have and see what comes up.