Wednesday, July 1, 2020


I made a couple of new tops which I just love how well they fit.  I was just playing around on the computer and ran across an article about a lady that made t-shirts from ten different patterns from ten different sites.  Then she posted which pattern was her favorite.  I decided well if she liked this pattern the best out of ten, I thought I would try it.  Also, the pattern was free!! 

The site is Greenstyle Creations-Sewing & Pattern Group.  You have to join the group and you find it on Facebook.  After you join the group and are accepted you need to go to the announcements page.  Next, scroll down to the Welcome article that starts out like this.

Welcome to the Greenstyle Creations Sewing and Pattern Group! For more information and to purchase Greenstyle Creations PDF patterns, visit
Things that are helpful to know:
Then they list by number information and you need to scroll down to number 5 and you can order the t-shirt pattern and use a special code to get the pattern for free.

It is a free $10.00 pattern and you print it off on your computer and then tape the pages together. It is a great pattern and well worth the paper and tape. It also comes with ways to change the necklines. I am not affilliated in any way. I just thought someone out there might be interested. It is nice to be able to get the pattern instantly.

Here are a couple of pictures on my new duct tape dummy showing what they look like. These are just some materials that have been on my shelves for a while and since I could not go out shopping I decided to use what I had on hand. I have been able to clear out plenty of scraps that have just been waiting for an opportunity like this to get used up.

All sizes are on the pattern and the only adjustments that I made were going from my bust size to my waist size and then to my hip size. Just drew a line from one size to the next to get the correct measurements. Hope you give them a try and if you need help, just let me know!!