Wednesday, May 13, 2020


I have been making blankets now for our new baby on its way.  My granddaughter is due May 31 so he could probably come any time now.    We ran into a little snag with the baby because we had to cancel the shower.  You know you kind of expect to get a few things to help out on everything that you need for a baby.  Well, this put a real crunch into what she needed.  This is her first baby, so she needs everything.  I have been sewing, trying to help get her ready.  Here are a couple of the blankets that I have been making.

My granddaughter just went to the doctor and I really thought, to me, that she looks like she has dropped, so I wanted to hear what the doctor had to say.  I asked her if she was dilated yet?  She said, I don't know they didn't check.  I said, well did they tell you about how much he weighs?  She said, no they didn't say.  I asked her well what did they say and they just asked her how she was feeling!  Now, she is due in two weeks and I find this strange!  I might be comparing this back to forty years ago when it was me having babies, but what is up with this?  Is this the new norm???  Someone please help this old grandma out here!