Monday, November 16, 2020


 My hubby is retired but works part time at Home Depot a couple of days a week.  They gave him a  sweatshirt  with a Home Depot  logo on it  and he said "I would  never wear  this."  He hates pull over the head sweatshirts.  So he tossed  it at me and  said, here you  can have this.  So I said ok,  but I am not going to  wear it  with a Home  Depot  logo on it.   Hope I am  not offending anyone here.  Nothing wrong with Home Depot, just  something I would not wear.  Actually, Home Depot is very good to my husband!!  So anyway,  I thought maybe I could pick out the stitches of the logo, but they were very dense, so that would not work.  The design is not very big about a 1 inch square!

So I cut it carefully out of the front of the sweatshirt.

  Now, the front of the sweatshirt has a double pocket that you can put your hands in from both sides like most heavy sweatshirts.  I cut the exact square out of the inside of this sweatshirt pocket.  Then I took this little square of sweatshirt material and sewed it by hand into the hole that was left on the sweatshirt. On the back of that hole I ironed some iron on stabilizer. I then went to my scrap of fabrics and found a piece of gray fleece to closely match and cut out another square of the fleece and hand sewed that back into the inside pocket to close up the hole that I cut out of the pocket.

 Does this make sense?  It's like robbing Peter to pay Paul!

Picture of the inside of the pocket!

Now I have my holes filled and I need to try and find a design to cover up as much of the square as possible with a cute design where the original logo was and this I did!

Now I can wear my new sweatshirt for camping and no one will ever be able to tell.   Sometimes we just have to think outside of the box!!


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