Thursday, September 10, 2020

Back To School Skirt - Setting Pleats

 Mt granddaughter goes to private school and every year for the past 9 years I have altered her skirts.

Most girls don't iron anymore like I had to in my school days, so the pleats just do not hold in the skirt. If you have this problem or if you iron skirts this might help you.  I take the pleats on the inside and on the outside of the skirt and sew them about 1/4" from the edge.  You can only go so high until you can sew no more and that is where I stop.

  1. This helps to set the pleats and it will hang better.  They use to do this for us years ago when you purchased a school skirt, but not anymore.    It must be a costly extra step because now it is left off.  If you want this finishing touch, you must do it yourself.  Just make sure you do it for the pleated edge on the righttside of the skirt and then turn your skirt inside out and do all the pleats on the wrong side of the skirt also.  Now if you just wash the heck out of this skirt like she does, it will hang at those pleat marks.  Also if you would iron this skirt it is so quick and easy because you do not have to try and figure out exactly where the pleats should be because it lays so nice when you lay it down and it falls into exactly where the pleat goes.  Two minutes of ironing would do the job!  Ironing What The Heck Is That!!  LOL    -  Does anyone still iron??

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