Thursday, August 27, 2020

How I Embroider A Quilt Label - Part 1

 Well, I finally am back up and running on my blog.  So sorry for the delay.   It took a long time to straighten it out.  I have worked on this blog just about every day for a month.  I made this blog about nine years ago and I have forgotten how to set everything up.  That is a long time to try to pull all this information from a 68-year-old brain.  They want you to code the blog and I am like "huh"?  I certainly don't remember that but I do remember that I had trouble with it nine years ago and I never thought I would make it through this process again.  I was just about ready to quit then decided to try one more time and got it all up and running.  So it is time to sew again!  I didn't get much sewing done over this period since I was tied up with this fix.  I did make up a couple of quilt labels, one for my red and white quilt which I love in my RV now on my bed and the other one was a Christmas quilt I made two years ago before I got sick.  So I thought I might explain how I get my lettering so nice.

I use the Embird program to make letters, but this is just personal taste. The only changes I had to make in the lettering program was that I rearrange the spacing between some of the letters and some of the words.   You can make your letters right from your sewing machine or use another program.  They all are pretty good.  

The biggest tip I have for embroidering is to iron your material with some spray starch, and the real unknown tip is to iron and starch your stabilizer also if possible.  A lot of stabilizers will shrink and this prevents that.  Just that little bit of spray starch will help everything to lay flat in your hoop.  Now if you are using a sticky back or something along this line you won't be able to do that but if you use regular stabilizer keep this tip in mind.  The spray starch that I use is just the kind you purchase in the grocery store, nothing special.  Sometimes you don't have to pay the sewing high prices.  You can see in the picture that there is not a pucker anywhere in my material even after sewing.  If I was using a heavier material I would have also sewn a basting stitch around where I was embroidering.  Most machines will have this option now.  For those of you who do not know, I sew with the Janome 15,000 and I love this machine.  Her name is "Nancy" and I named her after Nancy Zieman.  

I named her after Nancy because I sewed for many, many years but never knew that I was a good seamstress.  Just no confidence!  I made myself the Snowman coat which is shown under my "pages" at the top of my blog.  I had a dream one night and I had this coat on.  This was when I decided to make it.  That has never happened to me again!  After I was finished with it, I got brave and sent the pictures to Nancy Zieman.  She was my favorite.  Then a couple of months later I received a package in the mail from Nancy with several sewing items in it.  She loved my coat and told me she was showing it on her tv program and video.  This was such a boost to me that I decided to start branching out very slowly and eventually, I started my blog.  Now you know the whole story.  Never again have I seen myself wearing something in a dream.  Just that once and I guess there was a reason for it!!

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