Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Well, I am moving right along on these blocks.  I have 13 finished and 15 more to go.  It takes me about 1 hour to get one finished.  I thought I would show you some of the steps I have to go through to get these points correct.

I have to sew on the four side strips to the center square.  On the first two side strips I have three main areas that have to match perfectly to make the points on the stars.  You will see where the sewing crosses.   I first sew along the wrong side.  You can see that I have to mark the cross section with a purple evaporating pen.  I must see the cross point and sew a little to the left of the cross.  Now when this is in my machine I can't see the cross, so I mark it with the pen so it stands out.  This is my first match and I just sew about two inches across this section through the sewing line cross.

Now I flip the square over and I have two more crosses on this side and you can see in purple where I sewed on the back.  I have to mark this stitching line from the back because now I will sew down the whole side of the front of this first strip.  When I come to the purple, ( the stitches I sewed on the back), I try to sew directly behind the first row of stitches so it doesn't create any bulk.

I have finished sewing down the first strip and marked with a pin each point that I had to watch and make sure it was sewn correctly.  These were the three areas that must be watched closely.  This has to be done on the first two sides sewn to the square.  You want those points showing (beige color) and (red and white) not to be cut off.  

On the other two sides, I have an additional step and that is the little corner square that hooks all four sides together.  I have the pins showing the additional match and it also has a matching point, so on this side I have five areas that must match.  This is what takes so long.  I don't see how anyone could just sew all of those sides together and have everything match perfectly without taking some additional steps.  This is how I am making them and they are coming out nicely.  

This was the steps I wanted to see how Fons and Porter handled this, but as I said before, they just said you sew on the sides and you are finished.  If you are making a video, you must show the hard areas also or don't bother making a video.  This is no help to us.  I hope these directions might help someone else. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!