Monday, November 12, 2018


Has anyone one besides me noticed how cheap zippers are in jackets and sweatshirts anymore?  I just replaced the zippers in three hoodie sweatshirts for my husband and this school jacket for my granddaughter.  I am a pro at it now.  This is not my first time at this task.  This job happens every fall.  I really think this is the easiest technique to use.  First, do not remove the old zipper.  When you do this, the sweatshirt and jacket material just stretches out of shape terribly and, your new zipper will never fit.  What I want you to do is just very carefully remove the teeth from the zipper already in the jacket with your scissors.  You might have to remove a few threads to get your small scissors in to start cutting as shown in the first picture.  Go very slow so you do not cut into the material.

 After just removing the zipper teeth, then run your hands up and down the zipper tape that is still in the jacket or sweatshirt and remove all of the frays or strings that are sticking out.  Some will pull out and others will  need cut off.

 Now I laid my new zipper on top of the old zipper tape still in the jacket and made sure the zipper was exactly at the bottom of the jacket, I pinned it to hold it in place until I could get it under my presser foot.  Make sure you have your zipper right side up.

Now sew in the new zipper just holding it in place as you sew.  I did change and put on my zipper foot.  As you can see in the picture, I sewed by just following down the exact sewing line that was already holding in the old zipper tape.  

I folded the zipper tape in half diagonally and tucked it under the top of the zipper when I reached the top of my jacket.  I also cut and removed some of the hard ends off of the actual zipper tape so it would not be uncomfortable on her neck.

Sew on the other side zipper exactly the same and you are finished.  I did add another row of stitching on the very edge of the jacket right by the zipper teeth.  I did that because this was the way it was previously sewn on the jacket.  You will now never know it was replaced and it looks very professional.
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Grandmasewnsew said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this timely information! My husband just asked me to replace a zipper in his very old favorite work jacket last nite! Off to order a zipper.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea but I wonder . . .as you are leaving the old tape in, it usually shrinks after washing, then you put your new prewashed zipper over the old tape, wouldn't that cause a problem? I used to sew all my clothes and accessories till a few yrs ago when age turned me from a tiny size 6 to a misshapen blob, so I need to work with store-bought clothes now. I have a lovely jacket with beautiful embroidery but the zipper shrinkage has made the front all wobbly. Can you help?

Thank you for the fine job you do. I'm making the ruffled pillow and stopped to see what project I coukd do next.

Cynthia Dickerson said...

Well, the coat has been washed many times so I would think if the old tape was going to shrink, it would have already done it. My daughter has washed the jacket so I grabbed it to take a look and it all looked fine. I will take your advice and next time I am going to wet the zipper and let it dry just to make sure it doesn't shrink after I sew it in. Thank you for the tip!! Also, how did your ruffled pillow turn out?