Friday, October 6, 2017

Have You Ever Watched My YouTube Videos?

Here  are a  few  of my  favorite   videos.  These
are the most popular.   Grab a cup of coffee and
watch a few.  My favorite is the... "High End
Pillowusing  the ruffler foot and this is the least
one watched!  This one looks a little intimidating, 
but it really is easy and turns out gorgeous!

Watch this one first!

Baby Nursing Cover-Up

A 15 Minute Pillowcase

A Serger Bath Mat

A Professional Fleece Blanket

A High End Pillow with your Ruffler Foot

Hemming Jeans The Easy Way


Unknown said...

I see you too, use the plugin for YouTube. I started to use a demo version of this plugin from Elfsight No need to be a hacker for upload it on my website, you know. So I think to install it by myself and it's gonna work now, Evrika! I saw the rise of my followers now, it very convinient.

Lee said...

Thank you so much for this hint! I will be using it a lot.