Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Moonshine "Hooch" Update!

I wrote in a previous message that I started making this recipe that is suppose to be a natural antibiotic and kills any infections in the body.  We have been doing this for probably about 2 months now.  We each take two tablespoons a day.  A couple of times I would run out and we would have to wait a week or so for the next batch to be ready, so it was a little sporadic.  I wanted to tell you that I really have noticed on myself that the brain fog has lifted.  I can think faster and clearer.  Now for the real test that tells me this works is as follows.  It might be a little gross, but here goes.  My husband has a problem with his toes.  He has a fungus that has been around for 20 years and he has like a build up of skin behind his toe nails and it is hard to trim them.  It never goes away.  Well, NOW IT IS GONE!!!  I am shocked at this.  We have not had any other changes except this anti fungal formula. 
I am not trying to push this, but I just wanted to let you know things are working for us.  It tastes lousy, but I just gulp it all in one sip.  It also can be hot.    If anyone else is trying this, let me know if you see any changes!
I haven't been doing much sewing.  We purchase a travel trailer and it has been taking up all of my free time.  We purchased two of those zero gravity chairs and I did a stupid thing.  We saw them in a lovely beige sunbrella material and I thought they would match the trailer perfectly.  Those are what we purchased.  Well, I am new to the camping experience and on our first trip out, my two new lovely chairs got all muddy.  Why didn't I think about purchasing a color that won't show the dirt.  Then I saw my husband throw them in the back of his truck!!!  He told me this was camping and I was going to have to change my ways!!  I can't, I am making covers to carry them in now.  I have one finished and I need to get some more material to finish the other one.  Is it so wrong to be neat and tidy when you camp?  I am not sure if I will make it!  Anyone else like me????  Well I cleaned up my chairs and I am going to spray them with a material protector and put them in their new carry bags before our next trip out!  I am to old to change my ways now!!!  Wish me happy camping!!  Cynthia


colleen said...

I think you will find your camping standards after a few outings. When I was growing up our parents put a tarp on the ground and we lined up our sleeping bags on it , in the morning one of our aunts was so impressed that the children in our family were up and dressed ready to start the day. What she didn't know was we slept in our clothes while camping.
Now I have 5 grandchildren in one family they "camp" with their sleeping bags in the living room

Cynthia Dickerson said...

That is so funny! I bet you laugh about that every time you see her! We went to Mohican Forest and everyone was so respectful! Lots of kids around! At 10 O'clock everyone got really quiet. I don't know if they went to bed, but the noise was gone. I was really impressed! It was great to see all of the families working and playing together. I wish now I would of been able to do that with my girls when they were small. I think we missed out on a great opportunity. Now my husband's family camped all the time. Like I said before, this is all new to me but I am loving it!