Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Allura Designed Another Pair Of Jean Shorts

If you remember from last year, Allura loves to design.  She always comes and tells me her ideas and then I sew them up.  She told me a couple of weeks ago, Mamo, I have another idea.  I want leopard material on one leg of jean shorts and I want the material on the back pocket like this and this and the front like this etc. and I want the hem fringed.  Then she says I told Mom, but she has no idea what I was talking about.  Can you help me make these?  I told her to tell me exactly what she wanted and I would try to get that accomplished.  She also had jeans that were to baggie and she wanted them to be taken in in the legs.  She really hasn't started to sew yet, so I said O.K. its time.  I will work on your design and you need to sew up the legs of your jeans.  So I sewed on one machine and I started her out with filling a bobbin and threading the machine.  I showed her how and then pulled out my threads and would say now you try.  After about an hour she filled her own bobbin and threaded the machine.  We were now ready to go.  I showed her how to peg the legs and gave her chalk to make her new sewing line and she actually took in the jeans totally by herself.  You never saw such a proud girl!!  She even said, I am just so proud of myself!!!

Now as she was accomplishing this, I started to do her design work.  It was a tough job.  I just tucked and sewed as I went for each tiny detail.  On the back pockets she wanted the sewing in between the jeans gold thread.  It was a slow process and I really took my time so it would look professional and like she bought them that way.  They are finished now and she is going to wear them to the lawnfete this weekend. 
We had lots of fun sewing together and making memories!  She thought when she wears these jeans maybe she could get some orders to sell them!  I said "NO WAY", that took me forever to get this accomplished.  I would have to sell them for $400.00 a pair if I had to make them to sell!!  I guess if she can get that much, I would make another pair, but I'm not worried about that happening!    She is very excited and here are the finished pictures! 

Designed By Allura!

If you don't remember what she made last year, here are a couple of links.  Now these she did make all by herself, but there was no sewing!