Thursday, January 2, 2014

December Projects!

Where did December go?? Wow, it just flew bye. I was sewing a few projects, but I didn't want to post them for fear my grandchildren might get on my site. My three granddaughters all have American Girl dolls now and I thought I would make them an outfit. I have never sewn doll clothes. When my girls were young, they just were not into dolls. Sooo, I thought I would give this a try.

What an experience! I must of been sewing them way better than necessary. I swear, it took me as long to make them as it would an outfit for me. I think it was because they are so small and have places that are hard to get at. I also made them chairs. I really only sewed for two girls and I still have to finish up on my one granddaughter's things. She just got her doll for Christmas this year and I didn't want to give her anything until after Santa came. I need to get those finished!

The tops I made a tiny bit different so they know which one is theirs. They really loved them.
Down below are their chairs. When they opened them up, they really just thought they were pillows. I made them to match their bedroom. Tara (my daughter), told me yesterday that the girls were using them more as pillows than chairs! I bet they would be soft and comfortable. Now the top and the skirt I found a free pattern for from this website:
This is the skirt.
This is the top. Here is that website:

I had to purchase the chair pattern and it is called the Square Chair and cost $3.99. Here is that website:

Anyone else into making doll clothes? Maybe you can give me some tips to speed up this process!


Lee said...

Those are really cute doll outfits. I've been making clothes for my two oldest granddaughters' Barbie dolls.
I also made a couple outfits, a diaper bag, diapers and a bib for my youngest granddaughter's baby doll. Sorry I don't have any tips. Just played it by ear, myself with free pattern ideas off the internet.
The chairs you made look really soft and comfy. They look more difficult than doll clothes.

Cynthia Dickerson said...

Hi Lee,
The chairs look harder than what they really were. I did have to glue the top of the chair rest to the bottom of the chair which I have never done before. I was a little apprehensive about that. First,I thought I would sew on velcro, but then I thought the girls would take them off and they would get lost. The glue was probably the hardest part. I could not squeeze the tube hard enough to get it out! I won't purchase that brand anymore! Cindy

Anonymous said...

You will also need to add 'Shape well' to the top inner back and front of your coat, nice job by the way. It is used to help keep the shape of a coat, It is just 'tacked on' with a big and I mean big herringbone stitch.