Saturday, June 29, 2013

Homemade Quilting Machine Still Does The Job!!

I am still trying to decide how I want to do the bedding in my room.  I have the  Mari Duvet and Shams and the Hadley Ruched Duvet and Shams from Pottery Barn.  I put the Mari Duvet on my bed and really didn't care for the way it looked.  It just looked messy to me.  I decided to put some batting in the center of it and quilt it.  I am not quite finished with it yet, but I am liking this much better. 

I originally had an old quilt on my bed.  Actually it was the very first quilt I ever made.  It was starting to fade terribly since it has gone through many washings.  I thought to myself what am I going to do with this old quilt.  I guess put it up in the closet for the next twenty years until someone comes along and throws it out.  I then decided to do what the Amish do and use it for my batting.  I have never tried this before and it was a very hard decision, but I thought at least we would still be sleeping under it!  I cut it up to the size that I needed and loaded it onto my quilting machine. ( My kids have plenty of other quilts to remember me by!) AND, this being the first was not my best work because I really didn't know what I was doing!!  No Internet or instructions back then!!
This will actually be a post in itself someday, but my husband made me my quilting stand and about 20 years ago when home quilting machines were just coming out, we had an old Singer sewing machine stretched into a quilting machine.  The picture might look kind of generic, but this really works great.  I was going to purchase a Gammill many years ago and we looked at it many times.  It was about $17,000.00 back then and I wanted it badly, but I had to stop and ask myself if I really would use it that much.  Quilting is not my first love, I get bored with the repetition.  Then we heard about a man that stretched sewing machines for quilters.  We talked to him and he did this for us with my husbands mother's old Singer sewing machine and my husband built the stand.  My quilting machine will now sew about an 12 inch area before I have to stop and move on. 
 We then traveled all over Ohio to look at every quilting machine made.  I looked at every ones ideas and then told my husband exactly what I wanted my machine and quilter to do.  He incorporated every idea that I wanted.  It does everything the expensive machines and quilters do.  It even has a laser to follow pantograms and everything.
Here is my duvet before I started.

Here is my duvet loaded onto my quilting machine!
This is the front of the sewing machine and I use these handles to move over the fabric.  I can sew the whole length of the quilt and about 12 inches forward.  Then I stop and roll up the fabric and start again.  I can also sew from the front or the back of the machine.
Here is the stitch, I am just doing a meandering since the batting has already been quilted once!
I have a great husband who will always accommodate me with anything I need for sewing!  He also has a great engineering mind!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Making My Euro Pillow Inserts!

Well I told you I decided to make my euro pillow inserts.  I used an old white blanket that I have had in storage in the closet for many years.  My euro pillow pillowcases are 28 X 28 so I cut my blanket 30 X 30 and cut a quantity of four to make two pillow inserts.  This gives me an inch seam allowance around the edge and it will make for a tight pillow insert for my euro pillow cases because it will be an inch larger all the way around.

 I sewed my one inch seam around all four edges and left about a 10 inch opening and turned the material right side out.

As I told you in the last post, I had saved my stuffing from our old couch that my husband tore apart and burned.  I had washed the stuffing in two old pillowcases that I would pin shut and after many washings I packed it all away for a rainy day.  That rainy day was today.  I had two overflowing leaf garbage bags full of industrial stuffing. 
I stuffed my pillow forms with the stuffing using one whole garbage bag full.  I just did a whip stitch to close up the bags and had my euro pillow inserts made.
You can still see some of the lumps and bumps here.  I wish I could blow it in like  they do at the companies.  Now you will see why I used such a heavy blanket to make the pillow insert out of.  After I added the cover none of the lumps or bumps show at all.  I like my pillows large and full!  Here is the finished project!  It is just as smooth as any pillow insert I could of bought and I am sure a whole lot nicer.
Today I am working on the bedding.  Pictures to come later!