Friday, June 21, 2013

Bedroom Ensemble is Slowly Coming Together!

I have a few things put together in my new bedroom.  I got my curtains hung and here are the pictures.  Hope you can see them!  I should of taken the pictures in the evening.

I also washed my Duvet cover and I put it in the dryer for about 5 minutes to get out the wrinkles.  I then took it outside and hung in up on my clothes line and left it blow in the wind.  It turned out beautiful and for being 100% cotton, I didn't even have to touch a iron to it.  I have it hanging over my couch at the moment waiting for me to get the rest of the bed items finished.  It is so fluffy and full and just hangs in waves, I just love it!

I have now started to make Euro pillows for my pillow covers.  I do not have Euro size pillows and did some price checking on them.  I think the cheapest that I saw was about $25.00 each.  I decided to make these this morning.  I was going through my stash because I wanted some batting to make the pillow covers out of.  I didn't have enough so I thought about cutting up an old blanket that has been packed away for years and never used.  It is white and I knew this would be perfect.  My Euro covers are 26 x 26, so I wanted my pillows to be 28 x 28 so they would be stuffed tight.  I had saved some stuffing also several years ago from our old couch.  My husband tore it down and burned it.  He asked why I wanted that and I told him some day this will come in handy.  You cannot buy this industrial stuffing anywhere that I know of.  I threw it a little at a time in a couple of old pillow cases and washed it in the washing machine and then packed it away.  I probably would only do this with something that I previously owned.  I will show those pictures tomorrow!  The reason I wanted to make the pillows with a heavy material is because when you stuff it, it shows bumps and lumps.  With the heavy pillow covers, this smooths out those bumps and they do not show.