Sunday, April 21, 2013

Granddaughter and Hello Kitty Tie Blanket!!

One of my youngest granddaughters has a project due Friday!  She has to show how to make something for Show and Tell.  We bought a Hello Kitty tie blanket!  She worked all day on this and was so particular.  She cut out the ties and if the knot on the blanket was a little low, I had to take it apart so she could retie it!  Even towards the end she started to untie them herself to fix her mistakes.  She did a great job and she left one untied to show her class how to do it!  I hope she still remembers by Friday!!  This is the one that I "think" is going to take after her Mamo!!  Not sure about the others yet, but my other two younger granddaughters also like to do crafts!  I wish they lived closer to me!