Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kraft Paper Stamped Heart Pouches!

Do you have a young sewer at your home?  My daughter, Tara, posted this on her website and it would make a really cute project for a beginning sewer.  One of my younger grandaughters is always asking me to sew.  She is 6 and I think she could handle this project for her valentines for school.  I am going to have her just cut out squares and she could just sew straight on all four sides and attach stickers or stamps on top. 
These sweet little DIY Valentines can be filled with any number of treats for a fun surprise

My daughter's cooking website is as follows if you are interested!

Trace Hearts on Kraft Paper
Start by folding a piece of brown kraft paper in half, or as an alternative, you could use brown paper grocery bags. Trace your desired number of heart shapes on the paper. I used a Wilton heart-shaped cookie cutter, but you could easily make your own template from a stiff piece of cardboard.
Paper Tube Heart Stamps
Using this paper tube stamping technique, I then stamped a heart design on each heart and allowed the prints to dry thoroughly before cutting them out. This is a great time to get the kids involved! My youngest son loved helping me stamp the hearts, and when we were finished, I gave him his own sheet of paper to continue stamping.
Avery Marking Labels
While I was waiting for the prints to dry, I decided that I wanted to switch out the strings on my tags. I used these inexpensive Avery marking labels, which could certainly be used as is, but I thought that the addition of the red and white baker's twine was a cute detail.
Sewing Kraft Paper Heart Pouches
Once you have the cut out hearts, it's time to start sewing. I used a machine for this step, following the instructions here, but you could also sew them by hand. I'd just recommend using a thimble to push the needle through the thick paper so as not to hurt your fingers.
Kraft Paper Heart Pouches MMs
I chose to fill our hearts with a small serving of Valentine's Day M&Ms, but you can fill them with any number of small items. I'm thinking about making some filled with hair elastics for my girls' gymnastics team. You'd be shocked at how fast they go through them!
Kraft Paper Heart Pouches
This is such a cute way to make your Valentines stand out from the crowd. I guarantee the kids will love tearing into them to see what surprise awaits them inside!
What little treat would you put inside one of these cute heart-shaped pouches