Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lining For Baskets!

I made some liners for my baskets over the weekend.  They will be going into my bathroom.  My new cabinet is open under the sink and my plan is to put these baskets on the bottom shelf and I measured and they just fit perfectly.  On the top shelf, I am rolling bath towels to keep there.  I don't have enough and the store where I purchased them has been out of them.  They told me they would be in last Tuesday and they didn't come in.  I checked yesterday and still no towels.  It is making me a little nervous.  I want them all to match!  Here are the baskets that I covered.
I also have been working on a new video and I would like to finish that this week!  So you can watch for that!  Cynthia


Enid said...

Boy, you have really been busy in your sewing room! Everything is turning out so lovely...
Thanks for the video, too...it is quite informative...gotta take out my rufflier and put it to some good use!

Cynthia Dickerson said...

Thank you Enid! I have been busy! I am already thinking about my next project! I usually need to have something going on in the sewingroom all the time. Glad you liked the video!