Monday, July 8, 2013

Jean Shorts and Fabric Painting!!

Allura, my granddaughter,  has been at it again with the fabric paint.  Tara, my oldest daughter, (Allura's Aunt) sent her a picture of this pair of jeans and she fell in love with them.  She changed things around a bit, but this is her version of the flag shorts.

First we cut an old pair of jeans off to make them shorts and gave them a ragged edge.  All I heard yesterday afternoon after we fringed them and washed them, is are they dry yet??  She was so anxious to get started.  Here are her steps to creating the jeans. 

First we put some old towels in the shorts just in case there would be any fabric paint bleed through.  She then started one edge and used fabric paint to paint the entire section royal blue.
Next she started on the left panel and taped off with painters tape one inch sections and striped the shorts red.  She covered up the fringe at the bottom and around the pockets with the tape, so she would not get any paint on those edges.
She then moved back to the right panel and used a stencil and added the white stars.
This fabric paint drys pretty quickly so by the time she finished the stars she could go back over to the left side and she put painters tape over the red paint and added the white paint and she was finished.
Here are the finished jeans!
Aren't they cute!  Please leave her a comment for encouragement.  She is only 12 and really starting to get into designing her own look!


Tara @ Unsophisticook said...

They turned out really cute, Allura!

Lee said...

Wow, Allura! You did a really fabulous job on those shorts.
They look great!

colleen said...

Hmm I have a 12 year old granddaughter, would it be okay to share your project with her ?
She is a skirt and shirt girl

I'd like to get her into pants especially for bike riding as she has needed a few repairs from shirts getting caught or somehow dragged on the tire

Cynthia Dickerson said...

Sure that would be great and if she wants to email and talk to Allura that would be fine also!!

Anonymous said...

Allura, what a lucky girl you are!! You have a loving grandmother who loves to sew and is willing to teach you... take my advice, don't let this opportunity pass you by. I am 39 years old and always loved to learn to sew, my grandma liked to sew but was not as skilled as your grandma plus back then sewing machines only had one stitch... she taught me hand embroidery though and I love it...

Loved your jeans, you inspired me to make a pair for myself. Thanks and remember hit that sewing machine and learn as much as you can now... ;)

~Kathy~ said...

Just found this site and saw the shorts. They are adorable. I have a 13 year old granddaughter who loves to do stuff like this. I am going to show her your creation and I bet she will want to make a pair too. You are following in the steps of your grandma for sure.

Susan said...

Allura did such a great job! Love the shorts!