Monday, June 24, 2013

Making My Euro Pillow Inserts!

Well I told you I decided to make my euro pillow inserts.  I used an old white blanket that I have had in storage in the closet for many years.  My euro pillow pillowcases are 28 X 28 so I cut my blanket 30 X 30 and cut a quantity of four to make two pillow inserts.  This gives me an inch seam allowance around the edge and it will make for a tight pillow insert for my euro pillow cases because it will be an inch larger all the way around.

 I sewed my one inch seam around all four edges and left about a 10 inch opening and turned the material right side out.

As I told you in the last post, I had saved my stuffing from our old couch that my husband tore apart and burned.  I had washed the stuffing in two old pillowcases that I would pin shut and after many washings I packed it all away for a rainy day.  That rainy day was today.  I had two overflowing leaf garbage bags full of industrial stuffing. 
I stuffed my pillow forms with the stuffing using one whole garbage bag full.  I just did a whip stitch to close up the bags and had my euro pillow inserts made.
You can still see some of the lumps and bumps here.  I wish I could blow it in like  they do at the companies.  Now you will see why I used such a heavy blanket to make the pillow insert out of.  After I added the cover none of the lumps or bumps show at all.  I like my pillows large and full!  Here is the finished project!  It is just as smooth as any pillow insert I could of bought and I am sure a whole lot nicer.
Today I am working on the bedding.  Pictures to come later!



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