Friday, June 14, 2013

Is Sewing Getting To Expensive????

I love to sew, but it seems like anymore the prices are getting way out of line.  My husband and I just remodeled our bedroom and the bathroom.  I wanted to purchase a new bedding set for our room with new curtains and things.  I looked in the stores around here and did not see anything that I liked.  Then I went online to the Pottery Barn and fell in love with the Hadley Ruched Duvet & Shams with the Mari Duvet and Shams.  We painted out bedroom and bathroom gray with white trim and this would look so pretty in there!!!
After adding up the price, it was between $400 and $500 dollars.  WOW!!  Then I would need to purchase two Duvets!!  Well no way was that happening.  I thought, well I have a picture and I am sure I could make this much cheaper.  The Ruched Duvet was made out of Voile fabric.  Then I searched it out on the internet and found it for $5.99 a yard at the cheapest.  I also searched for something similar to the Mari Gray print fabric and found something for $7.99 a yard.  After figuring out how much fabric it would take to make these items along with the sham covers.  I could not make it any cheaper than I could buy it.  That is just so so sad!  What is going on?  Sewing use to be an economical way of life.  Now it is a luxury to sew with any kind of quality fabric. 

Well the happy news is that I did end up getting the Mari duvet set and the Hadley Ruched Duvet set on ebay.  I did a little searching and found both sets new still in the package in the correct size for well below half the price of Pottery Barn.  I wonder where people are buying these sets at and how they can sell them so much cheaper than Pottery Barn.   Anyway, I am  happy!  Now I am working on curtains to match.  I went to Walmart and found sheer Voile curtains for $9.00 a panel.  Now this isn't going to be cheap either.  Curtains always use to come as a set, this is for one panel.  One panel hanging up looks skimpy.  Now I have to buy four panels for each window and then I purchased an extra panel to make a valance. I had to take the panels apart and sew them together so you could not see the seam.  After I made this I realized that the valance looks a little skimpy also, so I need another panel for that.  Now I am up to $60.00 a window.  I have two windows in the bedroom and one in the bathroom.  That brings my total up to $180.00 and I have to remake the curtains!!!!!!!!!!  I hope my husband does not read this post!!

I guess I will just throw in a couple of panels each week as I grocery shop until I get enough to do my windows the way I like them.  I guess I just have not shopped for a while.  I need new lamps now also.  I looked in Walmart and the lamps are one price, then you have to purchase the little piece of hardware that your shade sets on and then another $20.00 will get you the shade.  So this means that a light from "Walmart" would be $50.00 each!  What would it be from Macy's?  I also want new towels for the bathroom, new accessories for the bedroom and bath!!  Oh my gosh, I should of went to the bank for a loan for accessories!! LOL!!  Oh well, when I get it all finished, I will post some pictures, but I guess it is going to take me a while!!!! 


Anonymous said...

It is true. The dishonest politicians and business & banking authorities have done everything they can, to manipulate the laws so that they can enrich themselves & their friends, by moving manufacturing jobs overseas, to poor countries with low wages, & no legal protections for workers.

Every country grows to resent being abused like this, and eventually changes their laws & wages to prevent such abuses, so the jobs are moved to the next poor country with no worker protection laws, & low wages, or even slave labor.

Anyway, realizing this was happening, before the U.S. mills & manufacturing jobs shut down & moved overseas, I purchased every bit of fabric I could, when I was able to get it for $1 a yard or less, and have a huge "stash" of fabric. As a matter of fact, most of my zippers, buttons, industrial cones of thread, & the majority of my HUGE stash of LACE, are from either fabric store closeout sales, or local factories as they shut down. The rest was purchased from every carefully watched for garage sale, estate sale, fabric store $1 a yard or less sale, some Walmart, Payless, Joann's or Hancock's or other fabric stores bargain fabric sales.

I sew my own clothes, curtains, blankets/quilts, hot pad holders, etc., and provide fabric, thread, buttons, zippers, etc., for my mom & some sisters and other family members as well, when they need something, and can't afford to buy them, or the things to make them these days. I have been teased a bit for my fabric stash, but when they need something, they are thrilled to use my stash! Mom just moved in with my sister in Florida, and they went to the fabric store.

They saw the prices on fabric & went into sticker shock! Then they called me, to inform me that my fabric is worth a FORTUNE! My hubby just bought me shelving units for my fabric,with it carefully folded, and neatly stacked, it still takes up the entire wall of one small bedroom.

I can't afford to buy fabric, or any of the sewing items now, but because I have my sewing machine collection, & my stash, I can sew all I want! Boy, do I have a sweet, generous hubby!

Cynthia Dickerson said...

Great article! You are one of the lucky ones! I am not a stash type person. When I want something I usually have an idea of the type of fabric and color that I need so then I go out for the hunt. Maybe I need to change a little and buy when I see a great bargain! Sounds like you have a great hubby as do I!

Aodhnait said...

Perhaps your bed set was an unwanted gift being resold on Ebsy?