Friday, May 3, 2013

Cutest Baby Bow Blanket!!

I created a new video called "Cutest Baby Bow Blanket!  I teamed up with Shannon Fabrics.  They sent me the fabric and I created a pattern and tested their fabric called "Cuddle."

I loved the fabric.  It is so, so soft and cuddly, I see why they named it that.  I have added the link to the video and the directions.  Enjoy!!

Here is also the link for the directions -


Lee said...

What a pretty and soft blanket!
Your instructions are so clear and easy to understand. I might
just have to try my hand at one of these!

Cynthia Dickerson said...

Thank you Lee, I saw that you joined by blog! So glad you did! Hope your sewing machines are running great! Cindy

barbara woods said...

I am now getting you by e mail. Thanks

Lee said...

Yes, they're running great! Thanks for giving them a new lease on life.