Monday, January 7, 2013

My Squirrel Is At It Again!!

I caught him in action this morning.  He was sitting on my clothes line rope just chewing away!  The pictures are not the greatest, I took them through my kitchen window,
 He just untied the knot again!!
Here is the rope laying on the ground again.  Now the other day I saw him just sitting on the rope eating a nut and I thought he was beginning to like the rope, but I guess not!!  What a naughty, naughty squirrel!!

I also am planning to make a couple more videos.  If anyone has any ideas of what they would like or maybe need to learn a special attachment for the sewing machine, serger or something they have trouble with, just let me know and I will see what I can do! 


DonnaRae said...

i live int the country with lots of squirrels. They are so mischievous. I can't tell you how many times they have found a way into our screened in porch to find something edible.

But as I was reading the post I read that you are going to do some videos. I thought great, catch the critters in action.

And then I saw you are going to teach them how to sew too.

What a treat.

Cynthia Dickerson said...

Oh DonnaRae, that is just tooooo funny!! Your right, I need to teach them to sew!! They can earn their keep. My husband told me yesterday that my squirrel also untied my clothesline from the other tree now. It is all laying on the ground. Wonder why he doesn't like it or if it is just something to do!! He is so much fun to watch. I never had such a smart one!! Cindy

Becky said...

Hi Cynthia!
The reason the squirrels don't like your clothesline going from tree to tree, is because it makes it easier for other squirrels to invade their territory & home, which is usually a bunch of leaves & twigs high up in this size of trees. Squirrels are VERY territorial, and will actually bite & fight each other for going in each other's territory. It can be quite entertaining to watch, but it is deadly serious to the squirrels. It is amazing how fast a squirrel can go from tree to tree, by using clothes lines, power lines, phone lines, or anything else that is either attached to a tree or pole, or comes within a foot of other tree branches.

My grandpa Pettit, when he became bedbound & wheelchair bound, moved into a bedroom at my mom's, and wished he could see outside, but the 1950s windows are too high to see out, unless an adult is standing. Mom & my hubby Rick literally cut through the brick wall (very painful blisters & cuts from the brick), and installed a door with a full length window, and internal blinds, so Grandpa could see out. Then they took our little deck, and moved it to Mom's so grandpa could go in & out of his room, onto the little deck.

Grandpa was hugely entertained by the squirrels, and gave Mom money to buy peanuts in bulk, that he fed to the squirrels, and any birds that could defend themselves from the greedy, fat squirrel who claimed Grandpa and the peanuts as HIS territory! We really enjoyed watching the squirrels with grandpa, too, and you can bet those squirrels missed Grandpa after he died! Squirrels are a lot more like humans than most of us think, but when you watch them a lot, you begin to see they have much of the same personality traits as humans! LOL!

Becky said...

Oops! I forgot to mention how destructive squirrels can be, too! We bought a property for my parents to rent from us, when they could no longer rent on their own. The property has a "bonus" of a small 2 story stick built home, that had never been sided, or completed on the inside. Because it was foreclosed on, & empty for more than 4 years before we purchased it, squirrels had taken over the 2 story! They tore huge holes in the chipboard used as the exterior wall before siding is put on, because the siding had never been completed.

Once in the attic & walls, they dug tunnels throughout the outer walls, destroying the insulation, making it much harder to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. As we sink money into it, trying to repair & finish it, we have really realized how much damage the squirrels have done, and birds have begun using these tunnels as well. We have to tear all of the walls down inside, in order to clean out the debris left by the squirrels, and so we can put new insullation in. When there wasn't electricity on, they even chewed through electrical wires! They don't like us using the 2 story, but we are having to allow our daughter & her hubby to move back into the 2 story right now, so we will be having to spend thousands of dollars, to repair the damages caused by the intelligent, cunning little brats!

I have seen them exhibit some other very human behavior as well, when a foolish juvenile squirrel was running out from under the shrubs in the back yard, a hawk flew down, attempting to have it for lunch! Each time the hawk would swoop down, an adult squirrel would suddenly display itself out in the open on the side of a tree right above the juvenile, risking it's own life, to distract the hawk from the juvenile squirrel. Once the hawk broke out of it's descent towards the little squirrel, the adult would whisk itself around to the other side of the tree, out of range of the hawk! Until that silly juvenile realized the danger it was in, that adult kept stepping out, risking it's life, to save the juvenile squirrel.

I have also seen squirrels stressing out, trying to revive their fellow friend or family member, who had just been hit by a car on the road. They wring their hands, just like we do, and keep running back & forth between the safety of the side of the road, and their dead friend or family member, clearly wishing they could do something to help, but realizing they can't, but not wanting to leave their loved one in harm's way. Sometimes the second squirrel will be hit too, when they are in this sad situation. I suspect most animals have a much more complicated emotional life than humans give them credit for.
Becky in NC

Unknown said...

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