Thursday, October 18, 2012

My daughter posted this on her website!  She made these cute Bat Pumpkins out of pumpkins and black duct tape.  I thought they were so cute!  I am planning on making one this weekend.  If you would like instructions, you can visit her website.  It is called Unsophisticook and here is the link:

She is like me and loves to cook and bake.  You can get some fabulous recipes on her site and some are passed down from our family also.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sickness, Cameras, and Hedge Apples Oh My!!!

I hopefully will be able to now get back to some sewing! My mother has been sick and was in the hospital for a couple of weeks and then she came to my house for a week to recuperate. She is home now and doing much better. I am hoping to get a little free time for myself.

My husband, mother and I went for a ride out into the country while she was staying with us and I got out my camera to take a couple of pictures and I didn't have the SD card in the camera. I stuck my camera in the cup holder in the car. The next morning I was looking for it and realized I must of left it in the car. When I went to get it, the cup holder had about 2 inches of coffee spilled in it and there was my camera setting in it. It was in its case, so I was praying and hoping that it would be protected. Well, it wasn't! My camera would not turn on and I loved that little camera! It took really good videos and pictures! I don't know how the coffee got spilled, but it was no place but the cup holder!
I have been doing some research on cameras and purchased another one last week. I have been taking pictures around the house to make sure I like it. I thought I would post a couple of my decorations for the Fall/Halloween season! You can click on the picture to enlarge it if you would like a closer look!

If you look, you can see those green balls that we found out in the woods. They look like tiny green brains. I had never seen them before and had no idea what they were. I got on the internet and typed in green balls that look like brains and sure enough a picture of them popped up! They are called hedge apples. They make great additions to center pieces. Here is a closer picture of what they look like.  They are kind of sticky and they say to wash your hands after handling them or you could get a rash. I raised them up on a bottle cap so they are not sitting directly on my table runners.

I read up on what everyone does with them and it says that they are great for repelling spiders and crawly insects. My husband cut one open just so we could see what the inside looked like and said he was going to put it down in the basement to repel the spiders. The next morning I went down to the basement to wash a load of clothes and I turned around and saw this blob sitting in the middle of the floor back at the far end of the basement and I got scared to death. I thought it was a mouse! It didn't move, so I tip toed a little closer and there sat half of one of these hedge apples. I don't know why he would sit it in the middle of the floor, I would think it would work just as well in the corner of the basement!!!
Men just don't think like women!! LOL