Friday, March 16, 2012

A New Crazy Project For One Of My Daughters!!

My youngest daughter brought over a new project for me to sew for her.  She is redoing her daughters bedroom into a "Hello Kitty" theme.  She bought the comforter set and curtains and she is unhappy with the pillow covers.  She likes everything to be very girlly, frilly, or ruffly!! I think you can understand this. 

She brought me the pillow covers and the bed skirts that came with the comforter set.  She asked if I could put ruffles around the pillow covers so they stand out when she fluffs up the pillow.  She is not going to use the bed skirts, so I can use the material from those to create this project. 

Here are my plans.  I am going to remove all of the material from the bed skirts and my plan is to lay a piece of nylon netting on top of this material.  Now I will fold this in half and serge all four edges together.  Then I will do a running stitch along the top of the ruffle to keep the nylon netting in place when she washes this pillow cover. Then I will use my ruffler foot and ruffle this material and hopefully have enough material to go around the outside of the pillow.  Well this is what I have in my head and I will show pictures of my work in progress. I measured around the pillow cover and it is 3 yds and 2 inches.  Then I measured around the bed skirt and I will have 5 yds and 17 inches of ruffle.  I usually like to make my ruffles double of the material I am going around, but I will just be a little bit short, so I think this will still work fine.  

I am doing some spring cleaning to my upstairs and as soon as I can get this finished, hopefully today, I am going to start this project.  I will post pictures of my progress for you along the way.