Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Make A Coupon Notebook!

You know me, I was just searching around on the internet and I found a page where you could print out a new calendar for your day planner.  I have had an old day planner laying around here for years.  I thought to myself how nice it would be to have a calendar and my coupons and my list all together when it is time to go to the grocery.

Here is the link for the calendar:

I have been a couponer (Is that a word?) for years.  Way back when my children were little, I had several large tables set up in my basement.  I would cut out every box top and UPC code and keep them all very organized.  It use to be more on rebating than couponing back then.  You would send in your UPC codes on a rebate form and they would send you a check.

Now I just handle coupons.  Well I decided to take that old day planner and make a book cover for it and I found some zip sleeves at Office Max.  That took many trips to every office supply store I could find.  I now have my notebook finished and I love it.  I have all my coupons sorted, I have a notepad for my grocery list, I have a calendar with all the important dates added and every ones address and phone number in it and especially a place for my pen.  I am ready to go shopping!  I shopped over the weekend and someone already stopped me and asked where I got my coupon book!  Here are a couple of pictures.

My oldest daughter Tara, has five children.  She started a simple blog about three years ago on couponing and it has turned into a family business for them.  When she first started, she didn't even tell her husband she created it until about a month after she started it.  One day Walmart called her and set her up as on of 11 Coupon Moms that they promote and her blog just took off.  When Walmart first called, she thought it was a joke.  Now her husband Luke, quit his plumbing job and stays home to help with the kids.  He does all the running and she works on her site.  She also does extensive traveling, teaching her tricks and techniques on saving money.  It has been a true blessing for their family.  I can only imagine what it costs these days to raise five children.  If anyone is interested in couponing and would like to visit her site you can visit it at:

She also has written a book with the help of another blogger and it just came out January 3rd.  I walked into Barnes and Noble and there it was.  I just could not believe it, my baby wrote a book!!  I just wanted to shout in the store, MY BABY WROTE THIS BOOK!!!!!  You can see this on her website also.  She also has a little video about it.  I am just a proud Mama!

O.K. back to my coupon book, if anyone wants directions I can give those to you, but it was pretty simple.  I just used some material that has been laying around, and now I wish I would of used something prettier, but maybe I will make a new one.  I just embroidered my name in the center of some material cut larger than what would go around the book.  I made a quilt sandwich with the coupon material, some batting and some muslin underneath and quilted the fabric together for some padding.  Then I just cut it the size that I wanted and added more muslin on top of the quilt sandwich and sewed it all the way around leaving one side open for turning it right side out.   Wrapped it around the book and hand sewed it like a book cover.  Does anyone remember when we covered all our books with brown paper sacks?  Oh how I loved to decorate those!!  I hope this sparks some interest in someone else to make this!