Thursday, November 15, 2012

When Did Squirrels Get So Smart???

We have an acorn tree right outside our back door.  We have lived her for at least 20 years and have always had a load of squirrels.  No problems ever with them.  We have this squirrel now that just has me baffled. 
One day this summer I was playing hide-go-seek with my 6 year old granddaughter.  I ran to the back yard and stood behind the tree.  All of a sudden these nuts started falling all around me and one hit me on the head.  I looked up and there was this squirrel tossing down these nuts at me.  He did not want me standing by (his) tree. 

We have patio furniture out there and were eating with the grandkids and he did the same thing, started throwing down nuts at us.  Now he thinks he owns the backyard.

I also have been fighting with him because I have a clothes line tied between two trees, of course, one of those trees is (his).  I have seen him chewing through the line and I go back out and tie it back up.  Twice he has done this.   Now this morning I see it is down again and this time, he just untied my knot!!!!!!!

He is smarter than the average squirrel,  maybe we should invite him for Thanksgiving?  Anyone else have a smart squirrel???  If not I will send you mine and just so he knows, that is still "MY" tree not his!!  I am going right back out and hooking up my clothesline!  When it gets really cold and snowy out though, I saved some nuts for him in my stash to keep him going through the winter, just in case he did not pack enough away!

This post is by Cynthia Dickerson


Enid said...

That is so funny!
I love tree squirrels, they are so much cuter that the ground squirrels we have here....they too, are storing up on walnuts, from the two trees on my place..I have to get out there to pick them up before they and the birds do...BTW, I have some saved up too! I enjoy seeing the baby squirrels play.

Are you ready for Thanksgiving yet?

I am planning on getting everything set up on Wed. because it is much easier than doing it all on Thanksgiving day..

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Cynthia Dickerson said...

I am ready for Thanksgiving. I went to the grocery this morning, so I have everything that I need hopefully. Wednesday, I will start cooking!! You have a Blessed Thanksgiving also!

Anonymous said...

I have similarly intelligent squirrels. In the 7 years of living here, I never had a problem with squirrels getting into my potted plants outside, but this year was the exception. I saw potting soil flying out of the tallest pot, right next to my ramp to the porch. It turns out to be an industrious squirrel! I am not sure if he or she was trying to dig up the bulbs in the pot, or if it was digging a hole to plant some acorns in! I later discovered that the little rascal told all his friends that I had a huge bag of uncracked pecans in a gunny sack on my porch, so the sneaky rascals carefully picked through it, leaving all the bad nuts, pine needles, extra shells, leaves & other detrius, but no more pecans! My hubby and I kind of giggled over this, because we have been slowly using the bag of pecans, and I was beginning to worry they might go bad before we use them, so we were actually very happy to share! Squirrels are very intelligent, be careful crossing them- they use their hands just like we do, and can do darn near anything we can, but with smaller hands. They are capable of tearing shingles off of roofs, digging through chip board and other wood products, and love living in the walls of insullation, packing it down, & destroying the insulation value in that area. They can do hundreds, or even thousands of dollars worth of damage to a building of any sort. (except maybe metal) We have a small 2 story guesthouse that had the vinyl siding removed, so the squirrels moved in, and after 6 years, they are still winning.

On the good side, squirrels are just as emotional as we are, and have relationships with other squirrels, just like we do with humans. At my parents, I watched as squirrels were all out getting food, playing, etc., when a hawk came swooping down, towards a foolish juvenile, who had darted out into the open lawn area. Quickly, an adult squirrel began jumping around and darting out into the open, above where the juvenile was. The hawk fell for the bait, the juvenile got back into the bushes, and the adult squirrel darted back into safety. I watched for a few hours, and the same type of scenario repeated itself, where the adult chose to risk their own life, to save a foolish juvenile. Sound familiar? Squirrels aren't much different from humans, they just have bushier tails!:D
Becky in NC