Monday, November 12, 2012

My Spice Cabinet Just Had To Go!!!

I don't know about you, but every time I opened my spice cabinet, which usually is everyday,  I would have to dig around for what I needed and at least three things would fall to the floor. 

I have been watching on the Internet and it seems like all the ladies are getting this area straightened up.  Now it was my turn.  Here is what I am dealing with, probably shouldn't even show you this.
I have large containers from Sam's Club and plastic containers from the Pumpkin Seed and then the usual.  It is those little Tone containers that usually land on the floor. 

I have had this old shelf down in the basement that was in my father-in-laws barn which I have kept for years waiting for the right opportunity to use it.  I knew it would be perfect for my new spice rack.  I talked my husband into staining it to match my kitchen and hanging it on the wall for me. I told him to make it extra strong because it was going to hold a lot of jars!   Now I love to decorate country, so don't be shocked when it see its ruff condition.

I bought two different sizes of canning jars.  Try to find those now that they are out of season!!  After traveling to several stores, I managed to get the number of jars that I needed.  Next, I worked on how I was going to label the jars.  I thought of getting chalkboard labels and writing on them, but I was afraid they would not stick since there is not a smooth side on these jars.  Next, I thought about embroidering something with my sewing machine and even creating tags to hang on the jars. 

I was talking with my niece, Becca, because she is an avid scrapbooker and we finally hit on something much more simple.  I used a paint pen.  This would be so much simpler and much cheaper and I already had the pen on hand, so I could get started right away.

I finished it up this morning and first, here are all my empty containers.

 And here is what my new spice rack looks like!  I just love it! 

What do you think?  I might add some lace doilies in here, I will have to play around with the decorations.  Well, I better go! Now I feel like cooking!!!!!!!!!  Cindy

Written By Cynthia Dickerson


Enid said...

Love it! So organized and convenient..
Now I will have to buy those little jars, and get busy on my spice cabinet....mine is organized, but I like the more uniformed look that you created!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR SPICE CABINET! I have used a similar cabinet for some of my herbs & spices, but I have so many spices & herbs, as well as flavorings, that I would probably use that much space, with the original small bottles, instead of the canning jars. I LOVE the canning jar idea though, particularly the cute short jam jars! I don't need the large amounts of herbs and spices anymore, but if I was still cooking for large groups of people regularly, I would definitely copy this! As it is, I have 2 wall cabinets with herbs and spices, 2 deep drawers, as well as having 2 of those 2 tray lazy susan's and another marble lazy susan in a corner cupboard, to hold all of my herbs & spices! I'm not as well organized as I used to be, and mine is not nearly as beautiful & classy as your (CynSew) spice & herb cupboard! Thank you so much for sharing!
Becky in NC

Cynthia Dickerson said...

Thank you Enid and Becky! I can't believe, but even my husband said he likes it. It does look nice and organized now and really that is how I like things. That is probably why that one cabinet always bothered me. Cindy